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Thread: how can you tell if your neck is warped

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    Default how can you tell if your neck is warped

    if you neck is warped can you see it with the naked eye, how can you ensure your guitar neck is perfactally straight?

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    Default Re: how can you tell if your neck is warped

    If you hold down the low and high E string at the 1st and 14th fret, make sure there's barely enough room to slide a thin pick in between the string and 7th fret.
    That's how you know the truss rod is set where it should be.
    To see if there's any warp or twist, hold the guitar up to sunlight, looking down the neck from the body to the headstock. This will show you any peaks or valleys along the length of the neck. It's not uncommon on cheap guitars or guitars that had the strings too tight, or stored for a long time, to develop a warp somewhere around the 10th fret. You'll see it when you look lengthwise down the neck. If it's warped, you may need a new guitar or neck, otherwise the cost to fix it outweighs the price of the guitar or neck.
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