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Thread: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

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    Pretty harsh words...but maybe I don't get it.
    What are you proposing that does not already exist on several sites.?.....this one for example...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zzmoore View Post
    Pretty harsh words...but maybe I don't get it.
    What are you proposing that does not already exist on several sites.?.....this one for example...
    No, you don't get it. Harsh words? Perhaps, but it reflects the kind of frustration a person builds get from dealing with people who just don't get it. I don't know if this will work, but sometimes the only way to get through to people is being a bit harsh.

    The following is from your link to information:

    European system after 1934 (pro-electron)
    See also: Type Designation Code from "Preferred Types of Electron Tubes 1967".
    1st letter heater indication
    0 tubes without filament
    A 4 V AC parallel connection
    B 180 mA DC
    C 200 mA AC/DC series or parallel connection
    D <= 1.4 V DC dry-battery, parallel connection
    E 6.3 V AC or carbattery, parallel connection
    F 13 V carbattery
    G 5V AC parallel connection
    H early: 4V DC battery. later: 150mA AC/DC series connection
    I 20V AC/DC parallel connection
    K 2 V battery
    O 150 mA AC/DC series connection
    P 300 mA AC/DC series connection
    U 100 mA AC/DC series connection
    V 50mA AC/DC series connection
    X 600 mA AC/DC series connection
    Y 450 mA AC/DC series connection

    2nd+next letters tube systems
    A single detection diode
    B double detection diode
    C small-signal triode
    D power triode
    E small-signal tetrode (or 2nd emmission tube EE1)
    F small-signal pentode
    H hexode or heptode
    K octode
    L power pentode or power tetrode
    M indicator tube
    N thyratron
    Q enneode
    W single gasfilled rectifier diode
    X double gasfilled rectifier diode
    Y single vacuum rectifier diode
    Z double vacuum rectifier diode

    digits socket & order
    x P (some are V) (except U-series (e.g.UBL1), those are octal)
    1x Y8A
    2x W8A, Loctal (except D-series (e.g. DL21), those are octal)
    3x K8A, A08, octal
    4x A8A, B8A, Rimlock
    5x T9A, B9G, Enne-al and C2R and some special bases
    6x Subminiature
    7x Subminor8p
    8x, 18x, 8xx B9A, noval
    9x, 19x, 9xx B7G, miniature-7p (Exception: The ECC99 is a poorly chosen tube type number, as it comes with a noval base.)
    2xx, 2xxx decal
    5xx B9D, magnoval

    Examples Description
    CBL1 output pentode with dual detection diode, heater 200mA, P base
    EABC80 tripple signal diode with triode, heater 6.3V, noval base
    ECC83 dual triode, heater 6.3V, noval base
    GZ34 dual vacuum rectifier, heater 5V, octal base
    PFL200 pentode and power pentode, heater 300mA, decal base
    UCH21 triode and heptode, heater 100mA, base loctal

    Philips system before 1934
    1st letter heater current
    A 0.06 to 0.10 A
    B 0.10 to 0.20 A
    C 0.20 to 0.40 A
    D 0.40 to 0.70 A
    E 0.70 to 1.25 A
    F > 1.25 A

    2nd digit or 2nd+3rd digits heater voltage
    x heater voltage < 10 V
    xx heater voltage >= 10V

    last 2 digits description
    xx amplification factor for triodes
    41, 51 etc tetrode with spacecharge grid (2nd grid is control grid)
    42, 52 etc tetrode with screen grid (1st grid is control grid)
    43, 53 etc power pentode
    44, 54 etc triode with diode or tetrode with diode
    45, 55 etc hf tetrode with variable gain
    46, 56 etc hf pentode
    47, 57 etc hf pentode with variable gain
    48, 58 etc hexode frequency changer
    49, 59 etc hexode with variable gain

    Suffix letter Description
    H ?
    N ? New, later version
    S ? Series connection allowed
    T ?

    Examples Bases usually: A or O
    E499 triode, If=1A , Vf=4V, gain=99
    F443N power pentode, If=2A, Vf=4V
    B2046 hf pentode, If=0.18A, Vf=20V

    First number indicates heater or filament rating
    1 1.4V (parallel or series)
    6 6.3V (parallel or series)
    10 0.1A (series)
    20 0.2A (series)
    30 0.3A (series)
    Following letter or letter sequence indicates class of valve
    C Frequency changer with special oscillator section
    D Signal diode(s)
    F Voltage amplifier tetrode or pentode
    FD Voltage amplifier tetrode or pentode with diode(s)
    FL Voltage amplifier tetrode or pentode with voltage amplifier triode
    K Small gas triode or tetrode
    L Voltage amplifier triode or double triode including oscillator triode
    LD Voltage amplifier triode with diode(s)
    M Tuning indicator
    P Power amplifier valve, tetrode or pentode
    PL Power amplifier valve, tetrode or pentode with voltage amplifier triode
    Final number distinguishes between different valves in the same class

    MAZDA NUMBERING SYSTEM Power rectifier valves

    Letters indicates heater or filament rating
    U High vacuum half-wave
    UU High vacuum full-wave
    Final number distinguishes between different valves in the same class

    The regulation GOST 5461-59 applies to tubes manufactured from 1959 and semiconductors manufactured from 1959 to 1963. Every symbol consists of four elements. If an element is absent, a dash should be written at its place.
    Note: There are exceptions. Not all Russian tubes are numbered according this system.

    First element
    Generator (transmitting) tubes up to 25 MHz
    UKF generator (transmitting) tubes 25-600 MHz
    Centimeter range generation (transmitting) tubes
    Modulator tubes
    High power rectifiers
    Voltage stabilizers
    Current stabilizers
    Gas-discharge rectifiers
    Mercury gas-discharge rectifiers
    , Photocells and photomultipliers
    Approximate (usually full volts) heater voltage Receiving tubes
    Screen diameter in cm Picture tubes
    Semiconductor diodes

    Second element
    Double diodes
    Power pentodes and tetrodes
    Remote cut-off pentodes
    Sharp cut-off pentodes
    Secondary emission pentodes
    Mixing tubes with two signal grids
    Pentodes with one or two diodes
    Triodes with one or more diodes
    Tuning indicators
    Triodes with hexode, heptode or octode
    Double triodes
    Double tetrodes and pentodes
    Triode - pentodes
    Type sequence number Gas-discharge tubes, power rectifiers
    Gas thyratrons
    Mercury thyratrons
    Cold cathode thyratrons
    Oscillograph tubes with electrostatic deflection
    Oscillograph tubes with electromagnetic deflection
    TV picture tubes
    Type sequence number Semiconductors

    Third element
    Receiving, picture, generator and modulator tubes
    voltage and current stabilizers
    photocells and photomultipliers
    cold cathode thyratrons Type sequence number
    Semiconductors Subtype, group (letter)

    Fourth element
    none Metal Receiving tubes; voltage and current stabilizers
    HF glass, side leads
    Miniature glass 19 and 22.5 mm
    Subminiature > 10 mm
    Subminiature 10mm
    Subminiature 4 mm
    Subminiature 6 mm
    Disc leads
    Water cooled Generator (transmitting) and modulator tubes
    Air cooled
    letter Luminophor color code Picture tubes
    X/Y X = average current in A
    Y = reverse voltage amplitude in kV Thyratrons (non cold cathode), Gas-discharge, power rectifiers

    After symbol dash and postfix of one or more letters may be added:
    high reliability tube (military)
    long life tube (military)
    designed for impulse operation
    vibration resistant

    Current Regulators
    [A][V1-V2] [A] is the current (in amperes) and [V1-V2] is voltage range

    Brimar type designation code for Receiving Valves
    First Number Indicates the Construction
    1 Half Wave Rectifiers
    2 Diodes. Single
    3 Triodes, Output
    4 Triodes, High-mu
    5 Tetrodes, Straight
    6 Tetrodes, Vari-mu
    7 Pentodes, Power and Video
    8 Pentodes, R.F. Straight
    9 Pentodes, R.F. Vari-mu
    10 Diodes, Double
    11 Triodes with Double Diode
    12 Pentodes, A.F. with Double Diode
    13 Triodes Double, High-mu
    14 Triodes Double, Class B Output
    15 Heptodes
    16 Triodes Output, D.C. Coupled
    17 Pentodes R.F. with Double Diode
    18 Pentodes with Triode
    20 Hexode/Heptode with Triode

    Letter Indicates the heater rating
    A 3.6 to 4.4V Indirectly Heated
    B 2V Directly Heated
    C Directly Heated other then 2 or 4V
    D All other heater ratings Indirectly Heated other then 4V

    Number Serial number
    Serial Numbers are allocated in chronological order as new valve types are introduced

    leading digits heater indication
    Approximate (usually full volts) heater voltage

    middle letters tube systems (a subset of European system)
    A single detection diode
    B double detection diode
    C small-signal triode
    F small-signal pentode
    H hexode or heptode
    L power pentode or power tetrode
    M indicator tube
    Y single vacuum rectifier diode
    Z double vacuum rectifier diode

    trailing digits socket and order
    1x octal K8A, A08
    2x loctal W8A
    3x heptal B7G
    4x noval B9A
    5x special; mostly, 9 out of 10 pins 1.25mm on a circle diameter 25mm
    6x submagnal B11A (no actual tube in this system known)
    7x duodecal B12A (no actual tube in this system known)
    8x diheptal B14A (no actual tube in this system known)
    9x free wires

    Examples Description
    35Y31 Single rectifier, heptal (7pin miniature) socket; 35V/150mA series heater; otherwise, European UY1N in heptal format
    4L20 HF power pentode; filament 2x2.4V / 325mA, Soviet 4П1Л; German RL4,2P6 in loctal format
    6CC42 VHF double triode; 6.3V/350mA heater, noval; equivalent to 2C51
    6F24 Telecom pentode, 6.3V/450mA heater, loctal; not similar to later Mazda's 6F24
    1M90 Subminiature indicator tube, 1.4V/25 mA filament, European DM70

    leading 2 digits screen specification
    Approximate screen diameter or diagonal, in centimeters

    3rd digit type order

    middle letters focusing and deflection
    QP magnetic focusing, magnetic deflection (early TV tubes)
    QQ electrostatic focusig, magnetic deflection (later TV tubes)
    QR electrostatic focusing and deflection (oscilloscope tubes)

    trailing digits screen color and persistence

    Examples Description
    7QR20 Oscilloscope tube, 7cm diameter, green fluorescence, middle persistence
    430QP44 TV tube, 43cm diagonal, magnetic focusing and deflection, white fluorescence, pentode system, 90 degrees deflection angle
    430QQ44 TV tube, 43cm diagonal, electrostatic focusing, magnetic deflection, white fluorescence, tetrode system, 110 degrees deflection angle
    431QQ44 Identical to 430QQ44, except with metal-backed screen

    1st letter tube category
    R HF tube
    Z modulator tube
    U gas-filled power rectifier

    2nd letter tube systems
    see receiving tubes

    digits power level
    Anode dissipation in watts or kilowatts

    trailing letters cooling system (optional 1st letter), tube order
    X air cooling
    Y water cooling

    Examples Description
    RA0007B Ballast diode controlled by filament current; max anode current 0.7mA
    RD1,5XA Air-cooled power triode up to 30MHz, 1.5kW anode dissipation
    RE40AK KT88 by Tesla Vršovive (in production)

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    Base Used by e.g. Drawing
    H 1803, 1823
    A, B4 1651, 1805, PX4
    O, B5 E499, KL1
    U, (B6?) B2043
    Q ?
    B E444, E453, E463, STV280/40Z
    C E449, ACH1, AK1
    M, B7 SP2, 18013 to 18016
    V AB2, CB1, CB2, KB2
    W 4624, 4641, 4646, O60/1200
    P, 8SC, SC8, 8A 4699, AZ1, AD1, EF9, EL6, EL51
    Pee Wee 3-pin
    SM4, Hivac 4-pin 4662 ?
    UX4, Small 4-pin
    G, Medium 4-pin
    Medium 4-pin with Bayonet
    Large 4-pin with Bayonet
    Extra Large 4-pin with Bayonet
    Jumbo 4-pin with Bayonet
    Super Jumbo 4-pin with Bayonet
    SM5, Hivac 5-pin
    UX5, Small 5-pin
    N, Medium 5-pin 807
    UX6, Small 6-pin
    J, Medium 6-pin
    UX7, Small 7-pin
    E, Medium 7-pin PE06/40E
    K8A, A08, IO, International Octal (IEC 67-I-5a) 6L6, EL34, EM34
    Submagnal 11-pin 1P28
    B08, M08, MO, Mazda Octal ATP4, SP61, VR65
    Y, Y8A, G8A, F8, Stahl 8 EF11
    G10A, Stahl 10 EL156, UEL51
    A8A, B8A, Rimlock AZ41, ECC40, EF40, EL41, UAF42
    B8B, B8G, W8A, Loctal C3m, EBL21, ECH21, EF22, EM71
    T9A, B9G, Loctal 9p EE50, EF50, EF54, EF55, EFF50, TT15
    C2R, Enne-al EF53, EFF51, EL60, EW60
    B7G, Miniature 7-pin (IEC 67-I-10a) DL96, EL95, 6AU6
    B9A, Noval (IEC 67-I-5a) 12AU7, E81L, ECC83, EF80, EL84
    Decal, B10B, Miniature 10-pin (JEDEC E10-61) ECH200
    B9D, Magnoval (JEDEC E9-23), Novar (JEDEC E9-75) (Serial numbers for Novar based tubes are from 520 upwards) EL503, PL519
    G4b, VX4 4606, 18004
    Acorn, 5AA, 7AA
    B8D, Sub Miniature 8-pin
    Nuvistor 13CW4
    G10G FL152
    Duodecal, B12A E1T
    B13B ZM1040

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    There's still more:

    Foreign Types American Substitutes
    108C1 0B2
    10C14 19D8
    10F18 13EC7
    10F9 12AC5
    10LD13 14G6
    10LD3 14L7
    10P18 45B5
    10PL12 50BM8
    121VP 12AC5
    12B-B14 13GB5
    12BC32 12AV6
    12E13 6550
    12F31 12BA6
    12G-B3 12GW6
    12G-B6 12BQ6GT
    12G-B7 13CM5
    12G-K17 12D4A
    12H31 12BE6
    12R-K19 12BR3
    13D2 6SN7GT
    13D3 6158
    141DDT 14L7
    141TH 14K7
    150C2 0A2
    150C3 0D3
    150C4 0A2
    163PEN 16A5
    16A 6AM5
    171DDP 17C8
    17N8 17C8
    18AK5 6028
    19AJ8 19D8
    19BD 19X3
    19M-R9 18GD6
    19SU 19Y3
    19U3 19X3
    19W3 19X3
    1C1 1R5
    1C2 1AC6
    1C3 1AB6
    1D13 1A3
    1F1 1AJ4
    1F2 1L4
    1F3 1T4
    1FD1 1AH5
    1FD9 1S5
    1H33 1AQ5, 1R5SF, 1R5
    1H35 1AB6
    1P1 3C4
    1P10 3S4
    1P11 3V4
    1RK23 1S2
    20A3 2D21
    20D3 12AH8
    20D4 6AJ8
    213PEN 21A6
    25G-B6 25BQ6GT
    30C1 9A8
    30C15 9EN7
    30C18 7GV7
    30F5 7ED7
    30FL1 9GB8
    30L1 7AN7
    30L15 7EK7
    30P12 12FB5
    30P16 16A5
    30P18 15CW5
    30P19 25GF6
    30P4 25GF6
    30PL1 13GC8
    30PL10 13GC8
    30PL12 16A8
    30PL13 16GK8
    30PL14 16GK8
    311SU 31A3
    3M-R24 3DK6
    3M-V7 3BZ6
    451PT 45A5
    4R-HH2 4BS8
    4R-HH8 4KN8
    4Y25 807
    52KU 5Z4G
    5M-HH3 5J6
    5P29 6CN6
    5R-HP1 4BL8
    5S1 807
    5Z10 5U4G
    6/30L2 6GA8
    62DDT 6CV7
    62TH 6CU7
    62VP 6CJ5
    63TP 6AB8
    64ME 6CD7
    64SPT 6BX6
    65ME 6BR5
    66KU 6BT4
    67PT 6CK5
    6AT7N 6DT8
    6B32 6AL5
    6BC32 6AV6
    6C10 6CU7
    6C12 6AJ8
    6C15 6CJ5(*1)
    6C16 6BL8
    6C18 6GV7
    6C9 6CU7
    6CC10 5692
    6CC31 6J6
    6CC42 5670
    6CF8 6267
    6D1 2B35
    6D2 6AL5
    6F10 6AC7
    6F12 6AM6
    6F16 6CJ5
    6F18 6EC7
    6F19 6BY7
    6F21 6CQ6
    6F22 6267
    6F23 6EL7
    6F24 6EJ7
    6F25 6EH7
    6F26 6BY7
    6F29 6EH7
    6F30 6EJ7
    6F31 6BA6
    6F32 6AK5
    6F33 6AS6
    6F35 6AJ5
    6F36 6AH6
    6FD12 6DC8
    6FX4 6AV4
    6G-B3A 6BQ6GT
    6G-B6 6DQ6A
    6G-B9 6GW6
    6G-K17 6AU4GT
    6H31 6BE6
    6L10 6AG7
    6L12 6AQ8
    6L13 12AX7
    6L16 6CW7
    6L31 6AQ5
    6L34 6AQ4
    6L43 6CL6
    6LD12 6AK8
    6LD13 6BD7
    6LD3 6CV7
    6M1 6U5G
    6M-H1 6J4
    6M-HH3 6J6
    6P15 6BQ5
    6P17 6AM5
    6P9 6BM5
    6PL12 6BM8
    6R-HH2 6BS8
    6R-HH8 6KN8
    6R-R8C 5847
    6S5G 6E5
    6V3P 6R3
    6Z31 6X4
    6Z4 6BX4
    7D10 6CH6
    7D11 6550
    7D9 6AM5
    7F16 6CJ5
    85A1 0E3
    85A2 0G3
    8D3 6AM6
    8D4 6W7G
    8D5 6BR7
    8D6 6BW7
    8D7 6BS7
    8D8 6267
    9D6 6CQ6
    9P9 9BM5
    9R-AL1 10DE7
    A1834 6AS7G
    A61 17Z3
    A863 6J7GT
    AD 6Z3
    B152 12AT7
    B309 12AT7
    B319 7AN7
    B329 12AU7
    B339 12AX7
    B349 7EK7
    B36 12SN7GT
    B63 6A6
    B65 6SN7GT
    B719 6AQ8
    B729 6GA8
    B739 12AT7
    B749 12AU7
    B759 12AX7
    BF451 45A5
    BF61 6CK5
    BPM04 6AQ5
    BR-HP1 8B8
    D152 6AL5
    D1C 957
    D2C 958A
    D2M9 6AL5
    D3F 959
    D61 6CT7
    D63 6H6
    D717 6AL5
    D77 6AL5
    DA90 1A3
    DAC32 1H5GT
    DAF91 1S5
    DAF92 1U5
    DAF96 1AH5
    DC80 1E3
    DCC90 3A5
    DCF60 1V6
    DD6 6AL5
    DD7 6AM5
    DDR7 6AM5
    DF33 1N5GT
    DF60 5678
    DF62 1AD4
    DF67 5911, 6008
    DF904 1U4
    DF91 1T4
    DF92 1L4
    DF96 1AJ4
    DF97 1AN5
    DH118 14L7
    DH119 14G6
    DH142 14L7
    DH149 7C6
    DH150 6CV7
    DH63 6Q7
    DH718 6CV7
    DH719 6AK8
    DH74 12Q7GT
    DH76 12Q7GT
    DH77 6AT6
    DH81 7B6
    DK32 1A7GT
    DK91 1R5
    DK92 1AC6
    DK96 1AB6
    DL29 3D6
    DL31 1A5G
    DL33 3Q5GT
    DL35 1C5GT
    DL36 1Q5GT
    DL67 5913, 6007
    DL82 7B6
    DL91 1S4
    DL92 3S4
    DL93 3A4
    DL94 3V4
    DL95 3Q4
    DL96 3C4
    DL98 3B4
    DM70 1M3
    DM71 1N3
    DP61 6AK5
    DY30 1B3GT
    DY70 5642
    DY80 1X2A
    DY86 1S2
    DY87 1S2A
    E130L 7534
    E180CC 7062
    E180F 6688
    E180L 7534
    E182CC 7119
    E182F 5847
    E186F 7737
    E188CC 7308
    E1F 954
    E280F 7722
    E288CC 8223
    E2F 956
    E55L 8233
    E80CC 6085
    E80F 6084
    E80L 6227
    E80T 6218
    E810F 7788
    E81CC 12AT7, 6201
    E81L 6686
    E82CC 12AU7
    E83CC 6681
    E83F 6689
    E84L 7320
    E86CF 7643
    E88C 6DL4, 8255
    E88CC 6922
    E90C 5920
    E90CC 5920
    E90F 6BH6
    E90Z 6X4
    E91H 6687
    E95F 6AK5
    E99F 6BJ6
    EA50 2B35
    EAA901 5726
    EAA91 6AL5
    EABC80 6AK8
    EAF41 6CT7
    EAF42 6CT7
    EB34 6H6
    EB91 6AL5
    EBC41 6CV7
    EBC80 6BD7
    EBC81 6BD7
    EBC90 6AT6
    EBC91 6AV6
    EBF32 6B8
    EBF80 6N8
    EBF81 6AD8
    EBF83 6DR8
    EBF85 6DC8
    EBF89 6DC8
    EC1000 8254
    EC55 5861
    EC80 6Q4
    EC806S 6CM4
    EC81 6R4
    EC84 6AJ4
    EC86 6CM4
    EC88 6DL4, 8255
    EC90 6C4
    EC900 6HA5
    EC91 6AQ4
    EC92 6AB4
    EC94 6AF4
    EC95 6ER5
    EC97 6FY5
    ECC180 6BQ7A
    ECC186 12AU7
    ECC189 6ES8
    ECC230 6080
    ECC32 6SN7GT
    ECC35 6SL7
    ECC70 6021
    ECC801 6060
    ECC802 6189
    ECC803 6057
    ECC804 6GA8
    ECC81 12AT7
    ECC813 6463
    ECC82 12AU7
    ECC83 12AX7
    ECC84 6CW7
    ECC85 6AQ8
    ECC86 6GM8
    ECC88 6DJ8
    ECC89 6FC7
    ECC91 6J6
    ECF200 6X9
    ECF201 6U9
    ECF80 6BL8
    ECF801 6GJ7
    ECF802 6JW8
    ECF805 6GV7
    ECF82 6U8
    ECF86 6HG8
    ECH200 6V9
    ECH35 6E8G
    ECH42 6CU7
    ECH80 6AN7
    ECH81 6AJ8
    ECH83 6DS8
    ECH84 6JX8
    ECL80 6AB8
    ECL82 6BM8
    ECL84 6DX8
    ECL85 6GV8
    ECL86 6GW8
    EF183 6EH7
    EF184 6EJ7
    EF190 6CB6
    EF22 7A7
    EF37 6J7GT
    EF39 6K7
    EF41 6CJ5
    EF71 5899
    EF72 5840
    EF730 5636
    EF731 5899
    EF732 5840, 5901
    EF734 6205
    EF80 6BX6
    EF81 6BH5
    EF811 6EH7
    EF812 6EL7
    EF814 6EJ7
    EF82 6CH6
    EF83 6BK8
    EF85 6BY7
    EF86 6267
    EF87 6267
    EF89 6DA6
    EF89F 6DG7
    EF905 5654
    EF91 6AM6
    EF92 6CQ6
    EF93 6BA6
    EF94 6AU6
    EF95 6AK5
    EF96 6AG5
    EF97 6ES6
    EF98 6ET6
    EFL200 6Y9
    EH90 6CS6
    EK90 6BE6
    EL180 12BY7
    EL33 6M6G
    EL34 6CA7
    EL36 6CM5
    EL37 6L6
    EL38 6CN6
    EL41 6CK5
    EL500 6GB5
    EL503 8278
    EL505 6KG6
    EL71 5902
    EL80 6M5
    EL803 6CK6
    EL81 6CJ6
    EL82 6DY5
    EL820 6CK6
    EL821 6CH6
    EL822 6CH6
    EL83 6CK6
    EL84 6BQ5
    EL85 6BN5
    EL86 6CW5
    EL90 6AQ5
    EL91 6AM5
    EL95 6DL5
    ELL80 6HU8
    EM34 6CD7
    EM80 6BR5
    EM81 6DA5
    EM84 6FG6
    EM840 6FG6
    EM87 6HU6
    EN91 2D21
    EQ80 6BE7
    EY500 6EC4
    EY51 6X2
    EY80 6U3
    EY81 6R3
    EY81F 6V3
    EY82 6N3
    EY83 6AL3
    EY84 6374
    EY86 6S2
    EY87 6S2A
    EY88 6AL3
    EZ35 6X5G
    EZ40 6BT4
    EZ80 6V4
    EZ81 6CA4
    EZ90 6X4
    EZ900 6063
    EZ91 6AV4
    F1EL 8278
    GZ30 5Z4G
    GZ31 5U4G
    GZ34 5AR4
    H63 6F5GT
    HAA91 12AL5
    HABC80 19T8
    HBC90 12AT6
    HBC91 12AV6
    HCC85 17EW8
    HCH81 12AJ7
    HD14 1H5GT
    HD30 3B4
    HF121 12AC5
    HF61 6CJ5
    HF93 12BA6
    HF94 12AU6
    HK90 12BE6
    HL90 19AQ5
    HL92 50C5
    HL94 30A5
    HM04 6BE6
    HP6 6AM6
    HY90 35W4
    HZ90 12X4
    KD21 0A3
    KD24 0C3
    KD25 0D3
    KL35 1F5G
    KT32 25W6GT
    KT61 6M6G
    KT63 6F6G
    KT66 6L6GC
    KT71 50L6GT
    KT77 6CA7
    KT88 6550
    KTW63 6J7GT
    KTZ63 6K7GT
    KTZ63M 6J7GT
    L63 6J5
    L63B 6J5
    L77 6C4
    LC900 3HA5
    LC97 3FY5
    LCC189 5ES8
    LCF200 5X9
    LCF201 5U9
    LCF80 6LN8
    LCF801 5GJ7
    LCF802 6LX8
    LCF86 5HG8
    LCH200 5V9
    LCL82 11BM8
    LCL84 10DX8
    LF183 4EH7
    LF184 4EJ7
    LFL200 11Y9
    LL505 27KG66
    LL521 21KQ6
    LL86 10CW5
    LN119 50BM8
    LN152 6AB8
    LN319 13GC8
    LY500 28EC4
    LY88 20AQ3
    LZ319 9A8
    LZ329 9A8
    LZ339 9EN7
    M8079 5726
    M8081 6J6
    M8121 5840
    N119 45B5
    N14 1C5GT
    N142 45A5
    N144 6AM5
    N147 6M6G
    N148 7C5
    N15 3Q5GT
    N150 6CK5
    N152 21A6
    N153 15A6
    N154 16A5
    N155 6BN5
    N16 3Q5GT
    N17 3S4
    N18 3Q4
    N19 3V4
    N25 3C4
    N308 25E5
    N309 15A6
    N329 16A5
    N359 21A6
    N369 16A8
    N379 15CW5
    N389 25GF6
    N709 6BQ5
    N727 6AQ5
    N77 6AM5
    N78 6BJ5
    OBC3 12SQ7
    OF1 6S7
    OF5 12K7GT
    OH4 12A8
    OM3 6H6
    OM5 6S7
    OM6 6K7
    OSW2190 6AC7
    OSW2192 6AG7
    OSW2600 6AC7
    OSW2601 6AG7
    OSW3104 6SA7
    OSW3105 6SQ7
    OSW3106 6V6GT
    OSW3107 5CG4, 5Z4G
    OSW3109 6H6
    OSW3110 6E5
    OSW3111 6SK7
    OSW3112 6J5
    P17A 807
    PABC80 9AK8
    PC86 4CM4
    PC900 4HA5
    PC95 4GK5
    PCC186 7AU7
    PCC189 7ES8
    PCC805 7EK7
    PCC84 7AN7
    PCC85 9AQ8
    PCC88 7DJ8
    PCC89 7FC7
    PCE800 9GB8
    PCF200 8X9
    PCF201 8U9
    PCF80 9A8
    PCF800 9EN7
    PCF801 8GJ7
    PCF805 7GV7
    PCF806 8GJ7
    PCF82 9U8
    PCF86 8HG8
    PCH200 9V9
    PCL800 16GK8
    PCL82 16A8
    PCL84 15DQ8
    PCL85 18GV8
    PCL88 16GK8
    PF9 6K7
    PFL200 16Y9
    PH4 6A8
    PL1267 0A4G
    PL21 2D21
    PL302 25GF6
    PL36 25E5
    PL500 27GB5
    PL505 40KG6
    PL81 21A6
    PL82 16A5
    PL820 21A6
    PL83 15A6
    PL84 15CW5
    PLL80 12HU8
    PM04 6BA6
    PM05 6AK5
    PM07 6AM6
    PP6BG 6M6G
    PY500 42EC4
    PY80 19X3
    PY800 17Z3
    PY801 17Z3
    PY81 17Z3
    PY82 19Y3
    PY83 17Z3
    PY88 30AE3
    QB309 12AT7
    QB65 6SN7GT
    QE03/10 5763
    QE05/40 6146
    QE05/40H 6159
    QE06/50 807
    QL77 6C4
    QN77 6AM5
    QQE02/5 6939
    QQE03/12 6360
    QQE03/20 6252
    QQV02-6 6939
    QQV03-10 6360
    QQV03-20 6252
    QV03-12 5763
    QV05-25 807
    QV06-20 6146
    QW77 6CQ6
    QZ77 6AM6
    R12 6X2
    R144 6AM6
    R16 1T2
    R19 1X2A
    R20 2J2
    R52 5Z4G
    RL21 2D21
    S6F12 6AM6
    SP6 6AM6
    STV108/30 0B2
    STV150/30 0A2
    SU61 6X2
    T2M05 6J6
    T6D 2B35
    TH62 6E8G
    TM12 6J4
    U119 38A3
    U142 31A3
    U147 6X5G
    U149 7Y4
    U150 6BT4
    U151 6X2
    U152 19X3
    U153 17Z3
    U154 19Y3
    U191 19CS4
    U192 19Y3
    U193 17Z3
    U251 17Z3
    U26 2J2
    U309 19X3
    U31 25Z4GT
    U319 19Y3
    U339 19CS4
    U349 17Z3
    U37 1T2
    U381 38A3
    U41 1B3GT
    U43 6X2
    U45 6X2
    U49 2J2
    U50 5Y3GT
    U51 5W4GT
    U52 5U4G
    U70 6X5G
    U707 6X4
    U709 6CA4
    U718 6BT4
    U76 35Z4GT
    U77 5AR4
    U78 6X4
    U82 7Y4
    UAF42 12S7
    UBC41 14L7
    UBC81 14G6
    UBF80 17C8
    UCH42 14K7
    UCH81 19D8
    UCL82 50BM8
    UF41 12AC5
    UL41 45A5
    UL84 45B5
    UN954 954
    UN955 955
    UU12 6CA4
    UU9 6BT4
    UY41 31A3
    UY42 31A3
    UY82 55N3
    UY85 38A3
    UY89 38A3
    V177 6CQ6
    V2M70 6X4
    V311 31A3
    V312 31A3
    V61 6BT4
    V884 6CQ6
    VP12D 12C8
    VP6 6CQ6
    W110 13EC7
    W118 12AC5
    W119 13EC7
    W142 12AC5
    W143 7A7
    W145 12AC5
    W147 6K7
    W148 7A7
    W149 7B7
    W150 6CJ5
    W17 1T4
    W25 1AJ4
    W61 6K7
    W63 6K7
    W719 6BY7
    W727 6BA6
    W739 6EC7
    W76 12K7
    W77 6CQ6
    W81 7A7
    WD142 12S7
    WD150 6CT7
    WD709 6N8
    X107 18FX6
    X119 19D8
    X14 1A7GT
    X142 14K7
    X147 6E8G
    X148 7S7
    X150 6CU7
    X17 1R5
    X18 1AC6
    X20 1AC6
    X25 1AB6
    X319 6351
    X61M 6E8G
    X63 6A8
    X64 6L7
    X719 6AJ8
    X727 6BE6
    X73 6D8
    X73M 6D8
    X76M 12K8GT
    X77 6BE6
    X81 7S7
    XAA91 3AL5
    XC900 2HA5
    XC95 2ER5
    XC97 2FY5
    XCC189 4ES8
    XCC82 7AU7
    XCF80 4BL8
    XCF801 4GJ7
    XCH81 3AJ8
    XCL82 8B8
    XCL85 9GV8
    XF183 3EH7
    XF184 3EJ7
    XF80 3BX6
    XF85 3BY7
    XF94 3AU6
    XL36 13CM5
    XL500 13GB5
    XL84 8BQ5
    XL86 8CW5
    XY88 16AQ3
    Y25 1M3
    YC95 3ER5
    YC97 3FY5
    YF183 4EH7
    YF184 4EJ7
    Z14 1N5GT
    Z152 6BX6
    Z300T 0A4G
    Z329 7ED7
    Z550M 8453
    Z63 6J7
    Z719 6BX6
    Z729 6267
    Z749 6EL7
    Z77 6AM6
    Z900T 5823
    ZA2 954
    ZD152 6N8
    ZD17 1S5
    ZD25 1AH5
    ZZ1000 8228

    (*1) FP 2007-08-05 - The 6C15 is probably incorrect here. The Mazda 6C15 equals the ECF800. I have no US equivalent type number for this tube. The 6CJ5 equals the EF41.

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    0.06 0.06D 0.06DG 00 00-H62 photo 00A 01 01A photo photo 01AA 01B 02DF 054V 06F90 06P2B_cccp 06Z6B_cccp 084_Fiv 09D_Cos 09J_Cos 09_Cos 0A2 photo photo 0A2WA 0A3 photo photo photo photo photo 0A3A 0A4 0A4G photo 0A5 photo 0B2 0B2WA photo 0B3 photo photo photo photo 0C2 photo 0C2.5 photo 0C3 photo photo photo photo photo 0C3A 0C3W 0D3 0D3/VR150 0D3A photo photo photo 0D3W 0E3 0G3 photo 0G4_cccp 0Y4 photo 0Y4G 0Z3 0Z4 0Z4A photo 0Z4G photo
    1 1-409 1-415 1-425 10 10-250 10-4C photo 100/200 1000sp 1000T 1002 1003 photo 1005 1006 photo 1007 photo 1008H 100AC 100B1 100E1 photo photo photo photo 100R 100T 100TH photo photo photo 100TL 100TS photo 1010 1010A 1012 1012_Ray 1017_Ray 1018 101A 101B 101D photo 101DW 101F photo 101FA 101J 102 1022_Ray 1024 1024H 102A 102A_Mch 102A_WE 102D 102DW 102E 102F photo 102G 1036_Ray 1037 1037_Ray 1038_Ray 1039 1039_Ray 103_Ign 103_Mch 1046H 1048 1049 104A 104D 104DW 104V 105 1051A 1052A 1053 1054 1059 105A 105A1 105B1 105P/16 105S5-30_cccp 105_Ign 1061 1063A 1069K 107 1070 1071 1072 1074 1077 1089 108C1 photo photo photo photo 108D12GY/119 108_Mch 1091 109B1 10AKP7 10AL11 10ANP16 10ANP19 10ANP25 10ANP4 10ANP7 10BP4 10BP4A 10BQ5 10C1 10C14 10C2 10C8 photo 10CV/1140 10CV/1520 10CV/1530 10CW5 photo photo 10D1 10D18GY 10D2 10DA7 10DE7 photo photo 10DR7 photo 10DX8 10E/770 10EB8 10EG7 10EM7 photo photo 10EW7 10F18 photo 10F1_Maz 10F3 10F9 10FD12 10FP4A 10GF7 10GF7A 10GK6 photo 10GN8 10HF8 photo 10JA5 10JA8 10JT8 10JY8 10KP7 10KP7A 10KP7B 10KR8 10L14 10LD11 10LD12 10LD13 10LD3 10LE8 10LK2B_cccp 10LO43_cccp 10LW8 photo 10LZ8 10M1 10M2 10MW4A 10NG photo 10NP11 10P12S_cccp 10P13 10P14 photo 10P18 10PL12 10QP7 10SA1 10SA2 10SA4 10SA5 10SP4 10spec 10T10 10TC4 10TC9 10TE9 10UP14A 10UP7A 10VP15 10WP14 10WP14A 10WP19 10WP19A 10WP7 10WP7A 10Y photo 10Z10 10Z12S_cccp 10Z1L_cccp 10Z3L_cccp 11 1102 110A 1110 photo 1119 111A 111D12GH/119 111H 1129 112A 113 1132 1133 1138 113B 113HY 114A 115HY 115N060T photo 115_Mch 116 1163 1164 116A 116B 116PEN 1173 1174 1176 1177 117L7 photo 117L7GT 117M7 117M7GT 117N7 117N7GT photo 117P7 117P7GT photo 117Z3 117Z3N photo 117Z4 117Z4GT 117Z6 117Z6G 117Z6GT photo photo photo 11A1 11A1_AEI 11A2 11A6 11A8 11AR11 photo photo photo 11BQ11 11BT11 11C5 11C5MG 11CA11 11CF11 11CP4 11CY7 11D12 11D18GH 11D3 11D5 11DS5 11E1 11E13 11E15 11E16 11E2 11E3 11E8 11F6 11F6G photo 11FY7 11GP4 11HM7 11HP4A 11J7 11JE8 photo 11K7 photo 11K7MG 11KV8 photo 11L6 11LO101I_cccp 11LQ8 11LT8 11N7 11Q7 11TA31 photo 11TF25 11TN40 11TU7 11X5 11X5G photo photo 12 12-08HM 12/02HM 12/03HB 12/03JB 12/03LB 12/04HM 12/04JM 12/05HM 12/08/JM 12/08HM 12/08L3M 12/10LB 12/48HM 12/48L3M 120 120/350 120/500 1200 1201 1201A 1201_Phi 1203 1203A 1204 1206 120_Mch 120_Pix 121A 121VP 121_Ign 121_Mch 1221 1223 1225 1229 122A 1230 1231 1232 124 1240/54HM 1240/54L3M 1247 1248 124AC 125 1252W 1257 1258 125HY 125PT 125_Hyt 126 1265 1266 1267 127 photo photo 1273 1274 1275 1276 1280 1282 1284 1287A 1288 128AS 1291 1291_2 1292 1293 1294 1299 photo 129B 12A 12A4 photo 12A4A 12A5 12A6 photo 12A6GT 12A7 12A7P_Shu 12A8 12A8G 12A8GT photo photo 12AB5 12ABP14 12ABP14A 12ABP19 12ABP19A 12ABP7 12ABP7A 12AC10A 12AC5 12AC6 12AD6 photo photo photo 12AD7 12AE10 photo 12AE6 12AE6A 12AE7 12AEP26 12AEP6 12AF3 photo 12AF6 photo 12AG6 12AH6 12AH7 12AH7GT photo photo 12AH8 12AJ6 12AJ7 12AJ8 photo 12AK7 12AL11 12AL5 photo photo photo 12AL8 photo 12ANP14 12ANP19 12ANP25 12ANP7 12AP4 12AQ5 photo photo 12AS5 12AT6 photo 12AT7 12AT7BW 12AT7WA photo photo photo 12AT7WB 12AU6 photo photo photo photo 12AU7 12AU7A photo photo photo 12AU7R 12AU7S 12AU7WA photo photo 12AU8 12AV5 12AV5GA photo 12AV5GT 12AV6 photo photo photo photo photo photo 12AV7 photo photo photo photo photo photo photo 12AW6 photo 12AW7 12AX 12AX3 12AX4 12AX4GT photo photo 12AX4GTA 12AX4GTB 12AX7 12AX7A photo 12AX7R 12AX7S 12AX7WA photo 12AXP1 12AXP11 12AXP2 12AXP7 12AY3 12AY3A 12AY7 photo 12AZ7 12AZ7A photo photo photo 12B1M_cccp 12B2M_cccp 12B3 12B4 12B4A photo photo photo photo 12B6 12B6M 12B7 12B7LM 12B7ML 12B8 12B8GT 12BA6 photo photo photo 12BA7 photo photo 12BC32 12BD5GT 12BD6 photo photo 12BE3 photo 12BE3A 12BE6 photo photo photo 12BE8 12BF11 12BF6 12BH7 12BH7A photo photo photo photo 12BK5 12BK6 12BL6 12BL8 12BN4 12BN6 12BNP4A 12BQ6 12BQ6GA photo photo 12BQ6GT 12BQ6GTA photo 12BQ6GTB 12BR7 photo 12BS3 12BS3A 12BT3 12BT6 12BU6 12BU8 12BV11 12BV7 photo 12BW4 photo 12BX6 12BY7 12BY7A photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo 12BZ6 photo 12BZ7 photo 12C5 12C8 12C8-K9 12C8G 12C8GT photo 12C8spec 12C8Y 12CA5 photo 12CD6GA 12CK3 12CL3 photo 12CM6 12CN5 12CP4 12CR5 12CR6 photo 12CS5 12CS6 12CS7GT 12CT3 12CT8 photo 12CU5 photo 12CU6 12CX6 12CY6 12D4 12D4A 12DA6 12DB5 12DB6 12DE8 photo 12DF5 12DF7 12DK5 12DK6 12DK7 12DL8 photo 12DM4 12DM4A 12DM5 12DM7 12DP4 12DP7 12DP7A 12DP7B 12DP7C 12DP8 12DQ6 12DQ6A 12DQ6B photo 12DQ7 12DS7 photo photo 12DS7A 12DT5 12DT6 12DT7 12DT8 12DU7 12DV7 12DV8 photo 12DW5 12DW7 12DW8 12DY8 12DZ6 photo photo photo 12DZ8 12E1 photo 12E12 12E13 12E14 12E5 12E5GT 12E8MGT photo 12EA6 12EA7G_Fiv 12EC8 12ED5 12EG6 12EG6_Cin 12EH5 12EK6 photo photo photo photo 12EL6 12EM6 12EN6 12EQ7 12EZ6 12F31 12F5 12F5GT photo 12F8 12FA6 12FG6 12FK6 12FM6 12FP7 12FQ7 photo 12FQ8 12FR8 12FT6 12FV7 12FX5 12FX8 12FX8A 12G-B3 12G-B7 12G-DH3 12G-K17 12G1_cccp 12G2P_Shu 12G2_cccp 12G4 12G5 12G5G 12G7 12G7G 12G7GT 12G8 12GA6 photo 12GC6 12GE5 photo 12GJ5 12GJ5A 12GN6 12GN7A photo 12GT5 12GT5A 12GW6 12H 12H31 12H3S_cccp 12H4 12H6 photo photo photo 12HE7 photo 12HG7 photo photo photo 12HL7 12HU8 12J5 12J5GT photo photo photo 12J5WGT photo 12J7 12J7GT photo photo 12J8 photo 12JB6 12JB6A 12JF5 12JN6 photo 12JN8 12JP4 12JQ6 12JT6A 12K12B_cccp 12K17B_cccp 12K1M_cccp 12K3P_Shu 12K3_cccp 12K4_cccp 12K5 photo photo photo photo 12K7 12K7G 12K7GT photo 12K8 12K8G 12K8GT photo 12K8spec 12K8Y 12KBY 12KL8 12KP4 12KP4A 12L6 12L6GT photo 12L8 12L8GT 12LO1A 12LO3A 12LP4 12LP4A 12LP4C 12LS7 12M1M_cccp 12M71 12M7GT 12M7MGT photo 12MD4 12MD6 12MN8 12MO6A 12N10M_cccp 12N10S_cccp 12N11M_cccp 12N1S_cccp 12N4P_cccp 12N8 12NG 12NK7GT 12P17L_cccp 12P4S_cccp 12P6_cccp 12Q7 12Q7G 12Q7GT photo 12QP4 12QR205 12QR50 12QR51 12R17B_cccp 12R1B_cccp 12R5 photo photo 12S2S_cccp 12S3S_cccp photo photo 12S7 12S7WGT 12S8 12S8GT 12SA7 12SA7GT photo 12SC7 12SC7GT 12SF5 12SF5G 12SF5GT photo 12SF7 photo 12SF7GT 12SG7 12SG7Y photo photo 12SH7 photo 12SH7GT 12SJ7 12SJ7GT photo 12SK7 12SK7G 12SK7GT photo 12SL7 12SL7GT photo photo photo photo photo 12SN7 12SN7GT 12SN7GTA photo 12SN7GTB 12SN7WGT 12SP7 12SP7B 12SP7D 12SQ7 12SQ7GT photo photo 12SR7 photo photo 12SR7GT 12SS7 12SS7GT 12SW7 photo 12SW7GT 12SX7GT photo 12SY7 photo photo 12SY7GT 12T03A 12TD4A 12TE8GT 12TE9 12TF25 12TO1A 12TO3A 12TO4A 12U5G 12U7 12UP4A 12UP4B 12V6 12V6GT photo 12W6 12W6GT photo photo 12X3 12X4 photo photo photo 12X5 12X825 12Y4 12Z-E6_Toyo 12Z-E8_Toyo 12Z-E9_Toyo 12Z17B_cccp 12Z1L_cccp 12Z1M_cccp 12Z1_cccp 12Z3 photo 12Z3L_cccp 12Z5 12Z8_cccp 13 13-4 130 13077 1308S 130QP40 130QP56 131QP55 131QP56 132 13201 photo 13201A 13202X 13204 13204X photo 1324A/2 1324M 1324S 1324Y 1324Z 1326 133 134 1346A/2 1346S 1346Y 1346Z 135 136 1374P 1374Q 1374R 137A 1381HQ 138A 139 1396P 1396Q 1396R 13B 13BC1U 13BF2U 13CL6 13CM5 13CW4 photo photo 13D1 photo 13D1_Low 13D2 13D2_Low 13D3 13D7 13DE7 13DHA 13DR7 photo 13E1 photo 13E12 13EM7 photo 13F7 photo 13F9U 13FD7 13FM7 13GB5 13GF7 13GF7A photo 13H1 13H2 13H3 13J10 13JZ8 13LO104A_cccp 13LO37I_cccp 13LO3I_cccp 13LO48_cccp 13LO5A_cccp 13LO7A_cccp 13M1 13M4U 13P1M_cccp 13P1P_Shu 13P1S_cccp 13P1_cccp 13PGA 13SPA 13U1 13U10 13U11 13U12 13U13 13U14 13U15 13U15_Ult 13U16 13U17 13U2 13U3 13U4 13U6 13U7 13V1 13V10 photo 13VPA 13Z10 14 14/03AB 14/03Q2B 14/03QB 14/03TB 14/04TB 14043 14053 14076 14077 14078 14081 14091 14093 14094 140NG 141 141DDT 141TH 141_Mch 142 1424A 1424J 142BT 142_Mch 143 143D 144 1446J 144V 145 1457 photo 146 1461 photo 147 1474B 1474C 1487 148_Mch 1496B 14A4 14A5 photo photo 14A7 photo 14AF7 14AP1 14AP2 14AP4 14AP5 14ATP4 14B6 14B8 photo 14BAP4 14BL11 photo 14BP4 14BR11 photo 14C5 photo photo photo 14C7 14CP4 14D12 14D13 14E6 14E7 photo 14EP4 14F6 14F7 14F8 14G6 14GT8 14GW8 14H7 photo 14HP4 14J7 14J8EG 14J8G 14JG8 14K7 14L 14L7 14N7 14NG 14Q7 photo 14QP4 14QP4A 14R7 14RP4 14RP4A 14S7 14SP4 14TA31 14UP4 14V7 14W7 14WP4 14X7 14XP4 14XP4A 14Y4 photo 14Y7 14Z3 14ZP4 15 15-400 15/03HB 15/03JB 15/03LB 150 1500T 1502_cccp 150A1 photo photo 150A2 150AV 150AVP 150B1 150B2 photo photo photo photo 150B3 150C1 photo photo photo photo 150C1K 150C1P 150C2 photo 150C3 150C4 150CV 150CVP 150S5-30_cccp 150T photo 150UV 150UVP 151 1515 151_Ign 152H 152L 152R 152RA 152T 152TH 152TL 1533 1534 153AVP 1543 1544 1547 154V 155 1553 1554 155UG 155_Hyt 155_Ign 156 1560 1561 photo photo photo 1562 1564 15A 15A2 15A6 15A6S_cccp 15A8 15AEP22 15AF11 15B 15BD11 photo photo 15BD11A 15BD7A 15CP4 15CW5 15D1 photo 15D12 15D2 15DP4 15DP4A 15DQ8 15E 15EA7 15EM7 15EW6 15F4P_cccp 15FM7 15FY7 15GP22 15HB6 15HP22 15J12 15KY8 15KY8A photo 15LO1A 15LO3A 15MF8 15MO6A 15P12 15QR40 15R 15TO4A 15V12 16 16/03HB 16/03JB 160-1 1600G 1601ABC 1601G 1601M 1602 1603 1603T 1608 1608ABA 1609 161 1610 1611 1612 1613 1614 photo 1616 1619 photo photo 1620 photo 1620_SIF 1621 1622 1623 1624 photo photo 1625 photo photo photo 1626 photo 1627 1628 1629 photo photo 1630 1631 1632 1633 1634 1635 photo 1637 1638 163Pen 164 1640 1641 1642 photo 1644 1646G 1649 164V 1650 1650/03HB 1650/03JB 1654 1655 1656 1659 165R 165R4 165R8 1664 1672 1673 1680 photo 1684 photo 1699 16A5 16A8 16ABP4 16ACP4 16ADP7 16AEP4 16AK9 16AMP7 16ANP4 16AP4 16AP4A 16AQ3 16AQP4 16AWP4 16B 16BEP4 16BGP4 16BQ11 16BX11 16CHP4A 16CLP4 16CLP4C 16CMP4A 16CN8 16CP4 16CRP4 16D1 16DP4 16DP4A 16EP4 16EP4A 16EP4B 16FP4 16GK6 16GK8 photo 16GP4 16GP4A 16GP4B 16GP4C 16GY5 16HP4 16HP4A 16J12 16JP4 16JP4A 16KA6 16KP4 16KP4A 16L40 16LP4 16LP4A 16LU8 16LU8A 16MP4 16MP4A 16P12 16P13 16QP4 16RP4 16RP4A 16RP4B 16SP4 16SP4A 16TO4A 16TP12 photo 16TP4 16UP4 16VP4 16WP4 16WP4A 16X897 16XP4 16Y9 16YP4 16ZP4 17 17/03TB 1700 1701 photo photo 1702 photo 170_Mch 1710 171AC 171B 171DDP 172 1725A photo 1729 1738 1749A 1749S 175 1754 1759 1768 176_1 176_2 177 178 1788 1790/03TB 17AB10 photo photo 17AP4 17ATP4 17ATP4A 17AV5GA 17AV5GT 17AVP4 17AVP4A 17AX3 photo 17AX4 photo 17AX4GT 17AX4GTA 17AY3 17AY3A 17BE3 photo photo 17BE3A 17BF11 photo 17BF11A 17BH3 17BH3A 17BJP4 17BJP4A 17BKP4 17BKP4A 17BMP4 17BNP4 17BP4 17BP4A 17BP4B 17BP4C 17BP4D 17BQ6 17BQ6GA 17BQ6GT 17BQ6GTA 17BQ6GTB 17BS3 17BS3A 17BSP4 17BUP4 17BVP4 17BW3 photo 17BWP4 17BZ3 photo 17BZP4 17C5 17C8 17C9 17CA5 17CAP4 17CBP4 17CDP4 17CFP4 17CGP4 17CK3 photo 17CP4 17CP4A 17CT3 17CU5 photo 17CVP4 17CYP4 17D1 17D4 17D4A 17DA4 17DE4 photo 17DJP4 17DKP4 17DM4 17DM4A 17DQ6 photo 17DQ6A 17DQ6B 17DQP4 17DRP4 17DSP4 17DTP4 17DWP4 17DXP4 17EM5 17EW8 photo 17EZP22 17FP4 17FP4A 17GE5 17GJ5 17GJ5A 17GP4 17GT5 17GV5 photo photo 17GW6 photo 17H3 17HC8 17HP4 17HP4A 17HP4B 17HP4C 17JB6 17JB6A photo 17JF6 17JG6A photo 17JK8 photo 17JM6 17JN6 17JP4 17JQ6 17JR6 17JT6A photo 17JZ8 photo 17KP4 17KV6 17KV6A photo 17KW6 17L6GT 17LP4 17LP4A 17LP4B 17N8 17QP4 17QP4A 17QP4B 17R-HH2 17R5 17RP4 17RP4C 17SP4 17TP4 17UP4 17VP4 17VP4B 17W6GT 17YP4 17Z3 17Z3F 18 180 1800 18004 1800_2 1801 photo 18013 18014 18015 18016 1801_2 1802 1802P1 1802P3 1802P4 1803 1803P4 18040 18042 photo photo photo 18043 18045 18046 photo photo photo 18048 1804P4 1805 photo photo photo 1805P1 1805P4 1806P1 1807 1808P1 1809P1 180QQ44 180QQ86 180_Mch 181 1810 1811P1 1813P7 1814P1 1815 1817 181QP44 181_2 182 1821 1823 182A 182A_2 182B 182QP44 183 1831 1832 1838 184 1848 1849 185 18500 18501 18502 18503 18504 18505 18506 18507 18508 18509 18509/02 18509/03 1850A 1851 18510 18511 18513 18514 18515 18516 18517 18518 18519 1851GT 1852 18520 18522 18523 18524 18524/01 18525 18526 18527 18529 1853 photo 18533 18536 18537 18538 1853GT 1854 18545 18546 18548 1855 18550 18552 18553 1859 185BT 185BTA 185R 185R4 185R8 1861 1867 1868 1875 photo photo 1876 1877 1878 1881 1881A 1882 photo photo 1883 photo 1884 photo 189048 18A5 photo 18AJ10 18AK5 18AQ5 18C51 18D3 18DZ8 18F24 18F5P_cccp 18FW6 18FW6A 18FX6 18FX6A 18FY6 18FY6A 18GD6 18GD6A 18GE6 18GE6A 18GV8 18HB8 18J6 18LK2B_cccp 18LO1A_cccp 18LO47B_cccp 18LO47_cccp 18MA4 18NG 19 1904 1905 1907 1908 1909 1909A 1910 1911 19128 1913 photo 1915 photo 1918-01 1920 19215 1923 photo 1924 1926 1927 1928 1933 1934 1941 1945 1945_RCA 1946_RCA 1947_RCA 1949 1949_RCA 1950_RCA 1960 1978 199 19A3 19ABP4 19AD4 19AFP4 19AJ8 19AJP4 19AK8 19ALP4 19ANP4 19AP4 19AP4A 19AP4B 19AP4C 19AP4D 19AQ5 photo 19AQP4 19ARP4 19ASP4 19ATP4 19AU4 photo photo 19AU4GT 19AU4GTA 19AUP4 19AVP4 19AXP4 19AYP4 19BAP4 19BCP4 19BD 19BDP4 19BEP4 19BFP4 19BG6 19BG6G photo 19BG6GA 19BK7 19BNP4 19BQP4 19BR5 19BX6 19BY7 19C8 19CG3 photo 19CGP4 19CHP4 19CL8A 19CMP4 19CVP4 19CXP4 19CZP4 19D8 19DAP4 19DC8 19DE3 19DE7 19DEA8 19DK3 photo 19DKP4 19DNP4 19DP4 19DP4A 19DQP4 19DR7 19DRP4 19DSP4 19DWP4 19E2 19EA8 19EBP4 19EDP4 19EGP4 19EHP4 19ENP4A 19EP4 19EZ8 19FEP4B 19FL8 19FLP4 19FP4 19FX5 19G3 19G6 19GEP4A 19GJP4A 19GP4 19GQ7 19GVP22 19H1 19H12 19H4 photo 19H5 19HR6 19HS6 19J6 photo 19JN8 19JP4 19M-R10 19QP4 19R-LL1 19R-P11 19SU 19T8 photo photo 19U3 19V8 19VANP22 19VBRP22 19W3 19X3 19X8 19X8A 19XP4 19Y3 19Y40 19YP4 1A1 1A1P_cccp 1A2 1A2P_cccp 1A3 photo 1A4 1A4E 1A4P 1A4T 1A5 1A5G 1A5GT 1A6 1A6GT 1A6S 1A7 1A7G 1A7GT photo photo 1A7VF 1A7_Bri 1A7_Mic 1AB5 1AB6 1AC5 1AC6 1AD2 photo 1AD4 photo photo photo photo photo photo 1AD5 1AE4 photo 1AE5 1AF33 1AF34 1AF4 1AF5 1AG4 1AG5 photo 1AH4 1AH5 1AJ2 1AJ4 1AJ5 1AK4 1AL4 1AM4 1AN5 1AQ5 1AR5 1AS4 1AS5 1AU3 1AX2 1AY2 photo 1AY2A 1B1 1B1P_cccp 1B21A 1B22 photo 1B23 1B24 1B24A 1B26 1B27 1B2P_cccp 1B3 1B32 1B35 1B35A 1B36 1B38 1B3GT photo photo 1B4 1B4/951 1B40 1B41 1B45 1B46 1B47 1B48 1B49 1B4P 1B4P/951 1B4T 1B5 1B56 1B58 1B58A 1B59 photo 1B5L 1B6 1B63 1B63A 1B63B 1B7 1B7G 1B7GT 1B8 1B8GT 1BC2A 1BC2B 1BG2 1BH2A 1BQ2 1BY2A 1C 1C1 photo photo 1C11P_cccp 1C1S_cccp 1C1_cccp 1C1_Maz photo photo 1C21 photo 1C21P_cccp 1C23 1C2_Maz 1C3 1C3_Maz 1C4 1C5 1C5G 1C5GT photo photo 1C6 1C7 1C7G 1C7S_cccp photo 1C8 1C91 1C91_2 1CA4 1CP1 1CP31 1D1 1D13 1D2 1D21 1D3 1D4 1D4_Bri 1D5 1D5G 1D5GP 1D5GT 1D5_Bri 1D5_Mic 1D6 1D7 1D7G 1D7GT 1D8 1D8GT photo 1DG3A photo 1DN5 1DP1 1DP11 1DP4 1DP7 1E1 1E2 1E3 1E4 1E4G 1E5 1E5G 1E5GP 1E5GT 1E7 photo 1E7G 1E7GT 1E8 1EP1 1EP11 1EP2 1F1 1F1_Maz 1F2_Maz 1F33_Tes 1F34_Tes 1F3_Maz 1F4 1F5 1F5EG 1F5G 1F6 1F7 1F7G 1F7GH 1F7GV 1F860 1F9 1FD1 1FD9 1FP1 1FP35 1FW1 1G1 1G3 photo photo 1G35P 1G3GT 1G3GTA 1G4 1G45P 1G4G 1G4GT 1G5 1G5G 1G5GT 1G6 1G6G 1G6GT photo photo photo 1H2 1H33 1H34 1H35 1H4 1H4G 1H4GT 1H5 1H5G 1H5GT photo photo 1H6 photo photo 1H6G 1H6GT 1J1 1J3 1J5 1J5G 1J6 1J6G 1J6GT photo 1J6GX 1K015CA 1K015CG 1K015XA 1K015XG 1K1 1K125CA 1K1P_cccp 1K20XD-A 1K20XD-S 1K20XF-B 1K20XK 1K20XN-A 1K20XS 1K2P_cccp 1K3 1K3A 1K4 1K5 1K5B 1K5G 1K6 1K7 1K75CH 1K75CK 1K75CLA 1K75CS 1K7G 1KR1 1L1 1L33 1L34 1L4 photo 1L5 1L5G 1L6 photo 1L60 1L84 1L861 1L91 1LA4 photo photo 1LA4E 1LA6 photo photo photo 1LA6E 1LB4 1LB4G 1LB6 1LB6GL 1LB7 1LC5 1LC6 photo photo 1LD5 photo 1LE3 1LF3 1LG5 1LH4 photo photo 1LN5 1LN5E 1M1 1M3 1M5 1M5G 1M90 1N1 1N1_cccp 1N2 1N21 1N21A 1N21B 1N21C 1N23A 1N23B 1N23BM 1N23C 1N23E 1N23WE 1N25 1N26 1N28 1N2A 1N3 1N31 1N34 1N34A 1N35 1N38 1N38A 1N3S_cccp 1N43 1N47 1N5 1N54A 1N5G 1N5GT photo photo photo photo 1N5VG 1N6 1N63 1N66 1N67A 1N69 1N69A 1N6G 1N6GT 1N70 1N72 1N81 1N82 1NA31 1NE9 1P1 1P10 1P11 1P1_Maz 1P21 photo 1P22 1P23 1P28 photo 1P28A 1P29 1P2B_cccp 1P30 photo 1P31 1P37 1P39 photo 1P3B_cccp 1P40 1P41 1P42 1P4B_cccp 1P5 1P5G 1P5GT 1Q1 1Q22 1Q5 photo 1Q5G 1Q5GT 1Q6 1R 1R1 1R1G 1R4 1R5 photo photo 1R5T 1R5WA 1R6 1S1G 1S2 1S22 1S24K 1S2A 1S4 photo 1S4T 1S5 photo photo photo photo 1S5T 1S6 1S7 1SA6 1SA6GT 1SB6 1SB6GT 1SB7 1T 1T1 1T1G 1T2 1T4 photo photo 1T4T 1T4WA 1T4_2 1T5 1T5GT photo 1T6 1TH 1U4 photo photo photo 1U4WA 1U5 photo photo 1U5WA 1U6 1V 1V1 1V2 photo photo photo photo photo photo 1V4 1V5 1V6 photo photo 1VD1_cccp 1VD2_cccp 1W2 1W3 1W4 1W4/350 1W4_Mul 1W5 1W50 1X2 1X2A 1X2B photo photo photo 1X2C 1Y1 1Y2 1Y32 1Y32T 1Z1 1Z11_Shu 1Z17B_cccp photo 1Z18B_cccp photo photo 1Z1M_cccp 1Z1Z_cccp 1Z2 1Z29B_cccp 1Z2M_cccp 1Z4_cccp 1_2 1_3
    2 2-01C 2-100A 2-150A 2-150D photo photo 2-15A 2-2000A 2-240A 2-250A 2-25A 2-405 2-406 2-409 2-424 2-438 2-442 2-443 2-450A 2-50A 2.5C10 2.5C9 2/25A 2/50A 20 200 200/25 2000 2000T 2001 2002 2005 200A 200VS 201 201A photo photo 201B 201B_Val 201_MOG 202 2020 202DDT 202SPB 202STH 202VP 202VPB 202_usa 2033 photo photo 203A photo 203H photo 203THA 2043 2048A 204A 204_MOG 2050 2050A photo photo 2050F 2050W photo 2051 2053 2054 205A 205B 205D photo 205E 205F 2060 2061 2062 2063 2064 2064B 2065 206PT 206_Ign 207 2099 209A 20A1 20A2 20A3 20AC 20AD 20AM 20AMS 20AP1 20AP2 20AP4 20AP5 20BF 20BP4 20C1 20C2 20C3 20C4 20CH4 20CH4U 20CP4 20CP4A 20CP4B 20CP4C 20CP4D 20CV 20D 20D1 20D2 20D3 20D4 20DC 20DP 20DP1 20DP4 20DP4A 20DP4B 20DP4C 20DR 20EQ7 20EZ7 photo 20F2 20FC 20FP4 20GP4 20HP4 20HP4A 20HP4B 20HP4C 20HP4D 20J 20J7 20J8 20J8G 20J8GM 20JP4 20K 20L1 20LF6 20LM1E_cccp 20LP4 20MP4 20P1 20P2 20P3 20P4 20P5 20PA91 20SP4 20TC4 20TP4 20X672 20Y1 20Y40 20_Pix 21/03TB 21/04HB 21/2 210 2100A 2101 2102 2103 210A 210DD 210DDT 210DET 210DG 210HF photo 210HL 210LF 210LFmet 210LP 210PG 210PGA 210RC 210SG 210SP 210SPG 210SPT 210T 210VPA 210VPT 211 photo 211B 211C 211D 211H 211spec photo 211W 212A 212E 213 213B 213Pen 2151 215A 215P 215SG 215VS 216 216B 217A 217C photo 218 21A1 21A6 photo 21A7 21ACP4 21ACP4A 21AFP4 21ALP4 21ALP4A 21ALP4B 21AMP4 21AMP4A 21AMP4B 21ANP4 21ANP4A 21AP4 21AQP4 21AQP4A 21ARP4A 21ASP4 21ATP4 21ATP4A 21ATP4B 21AUP4 21AUP4A 21AUP4B 21AVP4 21AVP4A 21AVP4B 21AVP4C 21AWP4 21AWP4A 21AXP22 21AXP22A 21AYP4 21B12 21B13 21B6 21BAP4 21BCP4 21BDP4 21BNP4 21BSP4 21BTP4 21CBP4 21CBP4A 21CDP4 21CDP4A 21CEP4 21CGP4 21CHP4 21CQP4 21CUP4 21CVP4 21CWP4 21CXP4 21CYP22 21CYP22A 21DAP4 21DEP4 21DEP4A 21DFP4 21DHP4 21DLP4 21DP4 21DSP4 21ENP4 21EP4 21EP4A 21EP4B 21EP4C 21EQP4 21EX6 21EYP4 21FAP4 21FBP22 21FDP4 21FJP22 21FKP22 21FP4 21FP4A 21FP4C 21FP4D 21FVP4 21GUP22 21GVP22 21GY5 photo photo 21HB5 21HB5A photo 21JP4 21JP4A 21JV6 photo 21JY6 21JZ6 photo 21K 21KP4 21KP4A 21L40 21LG6 21LR8 photo 21LU8 photo photo 21MP4 21N12 21N13 21N14 21N15 21SP40 21TE31 21TH8 21VAKP22 21WP4 21WP4A 21WP4B 21XP4 21XP4A 21XP4B 21YP4 21YP4A 21YP4B 21ZP4 21ZP4A 21ZP4B 21ZP4C 22 22/11BXA 220 2200 2201PT 2204 220A 220B 220B_Cos 220C 220CA 220DD 220HPT 220IPT 220JPT 220LF 220OT 220P 220PA 220PT 220R 220RC 220R_2 220SG 220TH 220VPT 220VS 220VSG 221A 222A 224 224A 225DU 226 2260 2269Y 227 2270 2273P 227A 228A 22AC 22AP4 22AP4A 22BH3 22BH3A 22BW3 photo 22DE4 photo 22JF6 photo 22JG6 22JG6A 22JP22 22JR6 22JU6 22KM6 22KP22 22KV6A photo 22M1 22S2 22S22C photo 22UP22 22V/310A 22WP22 230 23043 230HPT 230Pen 230PT 230XP 231 23153 231D 232 232C 233 234 2340 23431 235 236 236A 237 237A 238 238B 239 239A photo 239B 23ACP4 23AFP4 23AHP4 23AJP4 23AKP4 23ALP4 23AMP4 23ANP4 23AQP4 23ARP4 23ASP4 23ATP4 23AVP4 23AWP4 23AXP4 23AYP4 23BCP4 23BDP4 23BGP4 23BHP4 23BJP4 23BKP4 23BQP4 23BRP4 23BTP4 23CBP4 23CGP4 23CP4 23CQP4 23CTP4 23CZP4 23D 23DAP4 23DBP4 23DFP4 23DHP4 23DJP4 23DKP4 23DP4 23DTP4 23DVP4 23DZP4 23EAP4 23EKP4 23ENP4 23EP4 23EQP4 23ERP4 23ETP4 23EWP4A 23EZP4 23FAP4 23FDP4 23FMP4 23FP4A 23FRP4 23FSP4 23GJP4A 23GLP4C 23GSP4 23HEP4 23HFP4A 23HGP4 23HUP4A 23HWP4A 23JP4 23MA4 23MP4 23NP4 23RP4 23SP4 23TP4 23UP4 23XP4 23YP4 23Z9 photo 24 24/76_Maz 24/77_Maz 24/78_Maz 240 2403 240B 240FEV12GTE photo 240NG 240QP 241 241B 241NG 242A photo 242B 242C 243 2430_SIF 244 244A 244V 244VX 245 245A 245Pen 246 2460A 246A 247 photo 2470 247A 247M 249A 249B photo 249C 24A photo photo photo 24A7 24ADP4 24AEP4 24AHP4 24AJP4 24AMP4 24ANP4 24AP4 24AP4A 24AP4B 24AQP4 24AUP4 24B1 24B2 24B7 24B9 photo 24BAP4 24BEP4 24BF11 24BP4 24C3 24CP4 24CP4A 24CP4B 24D10GY/125 24DP4 24DP4A 24E 24G 24JE6A 24JZ8 24LQ6 24LZ6 24M2 24M3 24NG photo 24QP4 24S 24T12 24THA 24TP4 24VP4 24VP4A 24XH 24XP4 24YP4 24ZP4 25 25/450 250 2500 2501A1 2504 2505A5 2506 250QQ86 250R 250TH 250TL 251 25110 2511A5 251A 251QQ44 251QQ47 251QQ52 251_2 2522 2523N1 252A 252_Ign 253 253A 254A 254B 255 255A 256 256A 256B 257 257A 257B 257C 258 2587T 258A 258B 259A 259B 25A6 25A6G photo 25A6GT 25A7 25A7G 25A7GT 25AC1D 25AC5 25AC5G 25AC5GT photo 25AJP22 25AV5 25AV5GA photo 25AV5GT photo 25AX4 25AX4GT photo 25B5 25B6 25B6G 25B8 25B8GT 25BCP22 25BDP22 25BGP22 25BHP22 25BK5 photo 25BQ6 25BQ6GA photo photo 25BQ6GT 25BQ6GTA 25BQ6GTB photo 25C5 photo photo 25C6 25C6G 25C6GA 25CA5 25CD6 25CD6GA 25CD6GB 25CG3 photo 25CK3 25CM3 25CR5 25CT3 25CU6 25D4 25D8G 25D8GT 25DK3 photo 25DL3 photo 25DN6 25DP4 25DQ6 photo 25DQ6A 25DT5 25E5 photo 25EC6 25EH5 25EP4 25F1D 25F5 25F5A 25F5_2 25JQ6 25JZ8 25L6 25L6G 25L6GT photo photo 25L6GTY 25M1D 25MP4 25N6 25N6G 25P1S_cccp 25PA91 25QP20 25QP21 25RE 25S 25SN7 25SN7GT 25T photo 25T3 25T3G 25TG 25U4 25U4GT 25V5G 25VABP22 25W4 25W4GT photo 25W6GT 25X4 25X5 25X6 25X6GT 25XP22 25Y4 25Y4GT 25Y5 25Y5G 25Y6 25YP22 25Z3 25Z4 25Z4G 25Z4GT 25Z5 photo photo photo photo 25Z5MG 25Z5W 25Z6 25Z6G photo photo photo 25Z6GT 25Z6WGT 25_2 25_Pix 26 260A 261A 262A 262B 263A 263B 264 264A 264B 264C photo 264E 264_864 2650 266B 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2B5_Ult 2B6 2B6_Ult 2B7 2B7EE photo 2B7S 2B7_Ult 2B9 2B94 2BJ2 2BN4 2BN4A photo photo 2BP1 photo 2BP11 2BU2 photo 2C21 2C22 photo 2C23 2C25 2C26 photo 2C26A photo 2C2S_cccp 2C30 2C33 2C34 photo 2C36 2C37 2C39 2C39A 2C39B 2C39BA photo photo photo photo 2C39W 2C39WA 2C4 2C40 2C40A photo 2C41 2C42 2C43 photo photo 2C44 photo 2C45 2C46 2C47 2C48 2C50 2C50_2 2C51 photo photo 2C51L 2C51W 2C52 photo 2C53 photo 2CN3A photo photo 2CN3B 2CW4 photo 2CY5 photo photo photo 2D1 2D13 2D13A 2D13C photo 2D1S_cccp 2D2 2D21 2D21W photo 2D21WA 2D2S_cccp 2D4 2D4A photo 2D4B photo 2DF4 2DL4 2DP1 2DS4 2DV4 2DZ4 photo 2E22 photo photo 2E24 photo 2E25 2E255 2E25A photo 2E26 2E30 photo photo 2E31 2E32 2E35 2E36 2E41 2E42 2E5 2E50 2EA5 2EB1 2EG1 2EM5 2EN5 photo 2ER5 photo photo 2ES5 2EV5 2e2_cccp 2F21 2F7 2FH5 photo 2FQ5 2FQ5A 2FS5 photo 2FV6 2FY5 2G 2G/402A 2G/472B 2G/473C 2G21 photo photo photo 2G22 2G4 2G5 2G57 2GA6 2GK5 photo photo 2GU5 2GW5 2H1 2H28 2H2P_cccp 2H66 2HA5 photo 2HM5 2HMD 2HQ5 photo 2HR8 2J2 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3NF-Net 3NFB 3NFK photo 3NFL 3NFW 3NP14 3NP4 3P/270B 3P50 3Q/150E 3Q/191E 3Q/195E 3Q/213E 3Q/221E 3Q/260E 3Q/292E 3Q/331E 3Q4 photo photo 3Q5 3Q5G 3Q5GT photo photo photo 3RP1 photo 3RP1A 3RP4 3RP4A 3S1_cccp 3S21 3S22 3S24 3S28 3S2_cccp 3S4 photo 3S4T 3SB6 3SP1 3SP11 3SP2 3SP4 3SP5 3SP7 3T100A1 3T100A1G 3T100A2 3T100R 3T20 3T250A1 3T25A1 3T50 3T500A1 3T50A1 3T50A1G 3UP1 3UP7 3V/340B 3V/390A 3V/390B 3V/420B 3V/490A 3V/500A 3V/530E 3V/531E 3V/560E 3V/561E 3V/590E 3V160Z 3V20Z3 3V4 photo photo photo photo photo 3V4WA 3V80Z 3W4 3W5000A1 3W5000A3 3W5000F1 3W5000F3 3WP1 photo 3WP11 3WP2 3X100A11 3X100A5 3X12500A3 3X150A3 3X2500A3 3X2500F3 3X3000A1 3X3000A7 3X3000F1 photo photo 3Y4 3Y6A1 3Z4 3_Pix

    and the list goes on forever...

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    Did you really need to post all of that.?
    When I open the link to Franks Tubes, it takes me to the page titled....."Electron Tube data Sheet".
    You are obviously having trouble with it at your happens some times. Do you really think I would post a bunch of junk like that.?
    Anyway.....the link I posted is Very Similar to the Duncan sight given earlier.
    What are you not getting from THAT sight that you still need.?
    For that matter...where will YOU be getting your info from for the proposed sticky.?

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by zzmoore View Post
    Did you really need to post all of that.?
    When I open the link to Franks Tubes, it takes me to the page titled....."Electron Tube data Sheet".
    You are obviously having trouble with it at your happens some times. Do you really think I would post a bunch of junk like that.?
    Anyway.....the link I posted is Very Similar to the Duncan sight given earlier.
    What are you not getting from THAT sight that you still need.?
    For that matter...where will YOU be getting your info from for the proposed sticky.?
    Dude never mind.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    I think this is a fine idea. Don't know if every tube type code there is is necessary, but I think the biggest issue is that the formatting in this forum is a little limited, so all we can do is long vertical lists that are not so easy to read.

    We really need to be able to make a table/spreadsheet to cross-reference tube type, characteristics, manufacturers, etc. This really could use an interactive app where you can filter the table of tubes for a family of tube types.

    Otherwise if using this forum thread, perhaps break it down into one post per tube type and we can use the search to find the post. If each post cross-referenced the tube family, then search could pull up the family of tubes.
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    I did find the DS-1 in the garbage.
    I once found a guitar amp in the garbage, a Peavey Studio 110. It caught fire at the first gig I played it at.. But it was at the end of it, thank god.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    I like this site

    So what you are looking to do, UMD is a more technical thread on the more popular guitar amp tubes?

    I don't see how that could hurt. You could just take the descriptions from my tube thread from a few years ago if you would like.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    What if UBM made an index of links to technical data on sites of interest from various tube sites, along with a top level guide to some of the more frequently used tubes along with their most common applications? Rather than trying to replicate the data directly inside the thread.

    I would find that pretty useful. It would have to be updated periodically for stale links and new sites, etc. But I guess what I am saying is maybe a digest of good links that was kept up to date would be a great resource, particularly if it's vetted by experienced forum members. I am very non-technical when it comes to electronics and tubes, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt...

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    One problem with strictly technical data sheets is that most of the information (as far as I can tell) appears to be more useful if you are designing a circuit, rather than choosing a tube for your amp.

    The level of information the OP was focused on would be more useful for tube choice; e.g. mainly tube family, compatibility with other tubes (I think only pin assignments, certain voltages and characteristic values are necessary to ascertain this), and in addition some subjective opinion is necessary to determine whether choosing a particular tube would have the desired affect in an amp.

    Is there a type of post in this forum where multiple people can contribute and edit it? Something like a wikipedia for tubes? For example, if we wanted to have a post for 6L6GC tubes, is there a way multiple members could add their experiences with different manufacturers in different amps without quoting the whole thread and making a new post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demanic
    Incompetence is widespread in a world that rewards mediocrity while punishing excellence.
    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarFanatic
    I am currently using Skullcandy headphones I found in the garbage.
    I did find the DS-1 in the garbage.
    I once found a guitar amp in the garbage, a Peavey Studio 110. It caught fire at the first gig I played it at.. But it was at the end of it, thank god.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    That would be good, but the subjective stuff would be problematic. Look at how much we quibble over tone as it is. A wiki would be fine, a thread here would be atrocious. The info should be tube types for a given amp model, ones that could be subbed in, what that entails, and expected changes and issues.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide


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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    I checked the link somewhere above where all the 3-4 continuous data cryptic stuff was copy pasted from lol. The the pdf files containing data for the tubes opens up by searching through for tube using the first character tube list. and then finding one you were looking for. It has large selection of data though related to all kinds of tubes, mostly NOS and some current production.

    I tried looking for some tech specs for modern production and found a few: <this only gives the homepage, remaining links aren't working on it. <Never come across this brand before. They are (finest?)chinese production :/ it seems. More tube selection is available under the products menu. Any one ever try these?

    Could not locate Winged C SED data or TAD data specs, anyone know where to find it? BTW TAD website mentions the above Psvane tubes over here

    Having hyperlinks directly to the specs sheet of the individual tubes would be easier than retyping or copy-pasting it, i think. Someone with a lot of internet time would have to volunteer for the task.

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    Default Re: Sticky Request: Seymour Duncan Tube Guide

    A lot (not all) of modern tubes do not provide data.
    But again.
    What are you guys looking for that is not already known and/or assumed from the past 40 years.
    Unless you are an engineer/amp designer.....we all already now how to bis a tube, and what plate voltage you should show to a 6L6...12AX7...84,34, 77, 88, 6V6, etc etc.
    What is that you guy are looking for that is not in the RCA Manual.?
    You want data for a modern the company and see what they tell you.

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