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Thread: Why do so many people have huge amps?

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    Default Re: Why do so many people have huge amps?

    I went from Mesa Mini Recto & 2x12" Stiletto cab to Dual Recto & 4x12" Oversized because I needed lesser volume levels at home. A bit paradoxical perhaps, but I'm very satisfied with the tone and the ability to finally turn the damn thing down if need be.. Why did they release the Mini without a master volume?

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    Default Re: Why do so many people have huge amps?

    Stop beating the dead horse, and PLAY YER FUGGIN' GUITARS!!!

    For every guitarist who insists that a small amp into the PA is perfect for every guitarist on every stage, or one who thinks that a big amp is always better, I'll show you two guitarists who are full of sh!t.
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