I'm doing a custom build. HSS

Bridge: Humbucker: TB11 Custom Custom
Middle: Single: Mojotone Clone
Neck: Single: Mojotone Clone
1 Vol 500K
1 Tone (???K Not decided)
5 Way Switch CRL

I need some help with a wiring diagram. I've found one that's pretty close. Name:  Wiring.JPG
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Size:  54.1 KB This has the auto split (for position 4, I believe). I want the humbucker to see 500k and the single coils to see 250k using a single 500k volume control. I've found the following on another forum.

"if you use a single pot shared between humbuckers and single coils you could use a 500k pot and add fixed 500k resistors from the 'hot' end of each single coil to ground meaning that your 500k pot will become a 250k pot when switched to single coil settings. Best of both worlds."

"use a 500k volume pot to get the most out of the humbucker then use 500k resistors on the switch for the single coils - this brings the volume pot value down to 250k (500k pot in parallel with 500k fixed resistor to ground = 250k) on the single coil settings meaning that the single coil tones are not overly bright"

Can anyone show me how this is done? Where exactly would the resistor/s be placed? And where the 500k resistors can be purchased? And what value should I use for the tone pot? Much Thanks!