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Thread: "4x12-sized" 1x12 cabinet

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    Default Re: "4x12-sized" 1x12 cabinet

    Quote Originally Posted by stratguy23 View Post
    There is historical precedent for OP's request - I'm reading a book about the history of the guitar, and there's a quote from Roger Daltrey of The Who:

    "We hit on the idea of having the biggest cabinets you've ever seen in your life," Daltrey said, "yet inside we'd have this little 12-inch speaker in the bottom."

    We got fooled again!

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    Default Re: "4x12-sized" 1x12 cabinet

    Thanks for all the replies you guys! I appreciate the great ideas shared here.

    I've ended up going back to using my pair of egnater Tourmaster 212x cabs stacked on top of one another, ran in parallel at 4ohms. I can also run one speaker of each cab together in parallel at 8 ohms. These cabs are about the limit of what I can carry up/down basement staircases anymore without cussing. Also, this whole rig fits in my Toyota Yaris sedan. I'd love to use a full 412 stack, but I begin to question my life choices when I'm thinking on trading in the new Toyota I just paid off for a van only to haul my gear around, eek lol

    Anyway, this rig is loud as all hell, and it sounds great. IMHO, these Egnater 212x cabs hang with 412s on volume and chunk any day. Included a pic, I've gigged them so much that I've cracked letters off the logos, need to order some new ones from Bruce.

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    Default Re: "4x12-sized" 1x12 cabinet

    wise choice, you'll be kissing yourself later on when you haul them around and can actually carry them into gigs. they are so much more versatile then a 4x12. The only guy I ever heard of that actually had a 4x12 figured out well was some guy who had all his amp heads rack mounted, He then had a van to haul his 4x12 and had 2 of the speakers in the cabinet connected to his clean amp only and 2 for his distortion amp so essentially he had 2 plug ins in the cabinet to use it to have all his speakers in one cab and his amp rack in another. He told me........this works for now but I cant wait to get 2 2x12 cabs to spread out the tone better. It was innovative but even then just a temporary fix. unless your a touring musician with roadies, a 4x12 just sucks to haul around.

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    Default Re: "4x12-sized" 1x12 cabinet

    Agree about the practicality of 2x12s over 4x12s, but still nothing sounds quite like a good 4x12. When its not too much trouble, I still prefer a good 4x12 despite having good 2x12s. You really should have at least one of each.

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