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Thread: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
    ^Let me know how you like that. I was torn between that and the RD1. Ended up getting the Randall, but the Blackstar makes me curious still.
    Well it arrived on Friday at noon and I had it sold today by 3 locally. I was quickly reminded as to why I ended up selling my HT5 years ago.
    There is just something about the attack on BlackStar amps that I don't like. Not only or just the sound, but the feel. It reminds me a lot of how Oranges react when I play them. (Not a fan) like there's some sort of soft cushion when I dig in or a minuscule delay. It's really hard to explain.

    I also really dislike the ISF control it still confuses the hell out of me. I understand what they claim it does I just hear the exact opposite. To me the US side sounds like it has cranked mids yet very hollow sounding and the UK side sounds mid scooped with increased lows. By BlackStar's definition I should be hearing the complete opposite. It's very strange.
    Setting the ISF to halfway just creates a very confusing tone like the two sides of the voicings are fighting each other and creating an unknown unlikable tone.

    The amp had a lot of gain for sure, and it was chalk-full of lowend, but it really needs a tone shaping dial rather than the onboard reverb dial because I just couldn't add the proper amount of bite that I wanted so the distortion always sounded cloudy. Oh well I sold it for more than I paid and the small amp search continues. Maybe I'll try a Joyo ZoMBie or VIVO...
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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    Aw, it sucks that you didn't gel with it. I know you said the Randalls are hard to get ahold of, but if you can get one, I definitely recommend them. I used to have the RD5 combo which I had turned into a head, and now I have the RD1. Out of the two, I like the RD1 much better, TBH. It's a nice amp.

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    My Marshall DSL100H All Tube Amp with the Marshall MX 412A cabinet ( Half Stack )

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    For me it’s my Fender Mustang III modeling amp which came with a 12” Celestion.

    Didn’t take long before I stopped playing my 50’s and 60’s Fenders and packed all of my pedals up and put them in storage.

    The Mustang is just more fun at low bedroom volumes and sounds great onstage too.
    “Practice cures most tone issues” - John Suhr

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    I was at GC yesterday and played every desktop and small watt tube amp I could find. Brought home a Katana 100. Hands down the best bang for the buck. $350 new.
    I was hell bent on a 4 watt VOX with a 12” speaker. Thought it would look good next to my AC 30. I didn’t care for it.

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    The little Vox Valvetronix amps are great for around the house/bedroom

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    I think the SL5 comes with a 12" celestion. That's great.

    I think my Marshall half stack jube is quiet enough. I'd splurge on a 2x12 but don't have a need for it now.

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    Default Re: what's your best amp for your bedroom ?

    The thr10c is my small amp. It sounds pretty authentic and has nice retro sounding effects too.
    I just love the way that I can stash it away on the shelf of my cd cabinet.
    Using the editing software gives great access to hidden features like speaker emulation, noise gate and compressor (this is the stepping stone to getting more gain and realizing the amps full potential).
    With its aux input and stereo spread it works well with mps players too!
    The only drawback is the lack of a footswitch for channel changing but, at the end of the day, less time arsing around with different sounds means more time for playing!

    EDIT..................I tried the blackstar ID 15 TVP in the store today and it blew me away! Bought it on the spot.
    Great power tube modelling with basic great sounding effects ....... footswitchable too

    Anyone in Cardiff UK looking for a THR10 c as new in its box?
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