I got my new VOX AC-10C1 this morning & I've got to say I'm quite impressed, this thing is just bloody fantastic!!! I'm actually probably more impressed by this little 1X10 combo than anything else VOX has put out in recent years...
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I wasn't sure I'd like it when I first bought it but I'm glad that I did now! I've had several VOX amplifiers in the past (AC-15C1 with a Blue, AC-15C2 with Greenbacks, AC-30C2 with Greenbacks) & I've still got a old AC-30 with the original Blue's in it but I don't really use it anymore. Unfortunately it spends most of the time in storage these days but every once in a while I'll take it out to play...

Partly because I'm terrified that I'm going to break something that can't be replaced without spending a fortune, (VINTAGE VOX PARTS ARE STUPID EXPENSIVE) & partly because they just have to be turned up & pushed SOOOOO flipping hard before you get anything close to that great classic Top Boost tone? The AC-15's that I've owned in the past had the same core problem, they sound fantastic as long as you can get those speakers moving some serious air!!! With the AC-10 I'm pretty sure I can get that tone without even waking up the wife now? LOL, my baby slept right through me playing & he was only 8ft away!!!

I think that Top Boost compression has got something to do with creating a bit of a vacuum inside of their closed back cabinets? It seems to me like its almost impossible to get sounding right without physically pushing the heat from the valves out of them little vents on top of the cabinet???

Anyway, finally something that gives you all that true VOXY goodness in a bedroom size amp! I realize the originals were a bit different than but I really don't know why they were ever discontinued in the first place? They are extremely user friendly, quite light/portable, power tube distortion & actual Top Boost tone is very easily obtained, & it can be had at a very reasonable volume levels while still being loud enough to be heard over a not so timid drummer & bassist!!!
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I was kinda flip flopping between this and the new AC-412 Bronco. Im sure that would have been great as well but in the end the AC-10's onboard reverb knobby won the battle! There's no Tremolo which is fine with me because I never really used it with my others much anyway & my Supro's Tremolo is flipping sublime!!! The reverb is digital & a bit sensitive (a lot like a AC-30 with their 3 very long springs tank, LOL!!!) but its also very usable up to about 1pm & can do some pretty impressive things to your lead work when it's turned up!!!