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Thread: REO Speedwagon tone?

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    Default Re: REO Speedwagon tone?

    Quote Originally Posted by 59paul
    And to answer Bob's question: YES !!!! All it would take is a phone call, from the Right person, to get him Pumped and Ready for an REO reunion !!!!! Let's Hope it Happens !!!!!!!!
    Rob...After reading a bunch of articles,it seems Kevin Cronin and Gary wouldn't make the reunion happen because Kevin claims that Dave Damato is the new main squeeze in REO..Just seems like there's to much ego and or professional disagreement between Kevin and Gary for this to become any real soon reality? That's what I'm reading anyway? Shame really! Gary has been pretty cool and down to earth,while Kevin bashes away at Gary in some of the articles..

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    Default Re: REO Speedwagon tone?

    YEP. ps That's the phone call i was talkin about.
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