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Thread: Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

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    Question Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

    Hello there all of you,
    this is my first post to the forum. Thank you very much for approving me here, nice to see you all, it is a good forum and it has given me a lot of good advice. Here is probably hundreds of these posts, but I did not found any, exactly as my wiring. That humbucker&its connectors really are messing me up.

    Anyway, I have a trouble with my Telly. I hope some of you here who have better experience with wiring could help me. These things really mess me up.

    I wanted to reverse the control plate orientation, use a 4-way switch and put a little 59 on the bridge with DPDT volume to control the pickup (lil 59) going series/paraller. I'm having hard time figuring out how to wire pickups and pots to the switch.

    I would like the 4-way switch to operate like this:
    1. bridge (all the way to the back)
    2. bridge/neck paraller
    3. bridge/neck series
    4. neck (all the way to the neck)

    Here is what I have done so far (sorry for the bad image quality and poor paint skillz):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wiring_diagram_telecaster.jpg 
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    I've drawed lil 59's red&white to dpdt, when switch is down it is shorted, when up white is shorted to ground and red.. I dont know, maybe goes together with lil 59's black and then goes to the 4-way switch?

    Could someone please help me and continue with this? I have tried too many times and my pots&switch starts to burn up soon.

    I can provide you any additional information you need, pictures, anything. Peace

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    Default Re: Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

    I can't read your drawing. The text is too small and blurry.

    You've changed the order of the 4-way from what I've typically seen. Here's one diagram that shows the 4-way switch wiring for the sequence you want.

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    Default Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

    And this is how to use a push pull to get series and parallel out of the HB

    I think you should be all set with these two?

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    Default Re: Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

    Quote Originally Posted by beaubrummels
    I can't read your drawing. The text is too small and blurry.
    Thank you very much for your informative help, this is the best help I've got so far and I'm sorry for that poor picture. Yours is better. (I asked from my engineer brother to help me do the wiring. It is kinda same as the picture above. It works now!) But I did the pushpush switch differently. (Yes, I had to change the pushpull switch because I burned the old one with my crappy equipment. Today got the new soldering iron from hardware store!)

    I wired the switch like this.
    Name:  howididit.png
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    It does something, gets louder when I push it. But it differs a lot from the picture above. Also the middle lug going to PU switch is strange, because normally it goes to the tip from there. Do I need to rechange wiring?

    Also It would be supernice if they told in the pictures which lug in the PU switch is which. It is really hard to figure out how to read these pictures usually.. Would help a lot, especially people who are new and dont know anything about electronics. In most picture the switches seem to be reversed or mirrored or even both and also upside down. You know who does the pictures at duncan websites?
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    Default Re: Help needed with wiring telecaster PU'ps

    See if this helps:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Forum_Tele_4-way.jpg 
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    Note that I've added an additional connection to beau's drawing, like this: (Blue line.)

    Name:  Forum_Tele_4-way-b.png
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    This simply shorts out the neck pickup, when the bridge is selected by itself, so that it isn't hanging out on the "hot" side of the circuit, acting as a noise antenna, when using the bridge only.

    Make sense?


    P.S. The blue line on the little diagram is not the same connection as blue on the bigger switch diagram. It's red there.

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