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Thread: Warm OD pedal

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    Default Re: Warm OD pedal

    Since I never made a video of mine, I hope Germandude doesn't mind a little free publicity?

    I love the versatility of this pedal. Pair it with the Blackstar Boost and it's hard to go wrong IMO. That ISF control is what really makes the pedals.

    If you're looking for even more high gain, scoop the mids on your amp and you're there. It is NOT a REALLY high gain overdrive but it gets dayam close and you said you were looking for warmth and I've never heard anything REALLY high gain that was warm.

    I still have both for cheap if you like what you hear? PM me.

    The only thing I like better is my Egnater Silversmith.

    And this wasn't intended to be a for sale posting or I'd put it there. I tried to sell them briefly when I got my Egnater but like them so well I decided to keep them around for back up but my health has gotten to where needing backup now is unlikely.
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    Default Re: Warm OD pedal

    Quote Originally Posted by Condemned soul View Post
    One mention of Visual Sound which has turned into Truetone. You might look into their dual OD - the VO-XO. This pedal has a bass control. The left side is more open and with the gain down acts like a good booster. The right side has more gain compression. Both sides work very well together. Most of the youtube videos don't do this pedal justice.

    Back to Fulltone.

    Try running a Fulldrive 2 into the OCD.

    The FD2 is a "Super TS'er" and the left side has a three position toggle switch which yanks the diodes out of the circuit [ Comp Cut ] , cuts the mids [ FM ] or gives the mids in the down position. The right side is a boost. So you can turn the left side into a booster and the use the right side booster.
    The VSXO is the only pedal of Truetone's current lineup that I don't have yet. While slightly different, it seems the circuits are similar to the OD sides of the Jeckyl and Hyde and Route 66 pedals.

    I'd honestly say any of the TrueTone V3 series OD's would work, but the Open Road at low to moderate gain sounds fantastic. It stacks well with almost everything.

    They are one of my favourite pedal brands.

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    Default Re: Warm OD pedal

    Bogner Wessex.

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