POSTCARDS FROM JUPITER-8 is my miniature composition exercise. Every week I will post a 60 second miniature composition or sound design exercise using a single synth, the Roland Boutique JP-08 and a minimal effects; there will be no postproduction, no editing, no multi tracking.

And here is my first one! Hope you like

POSTCARD 001: GENERATIVE CHIMES. This is a minimalist, generative composition using single notes from the JP-08; the cadence is quarter note triplets, playing in alternating directions. As each note repeats, it creates cascading, wind chime-like suspended chords. Shimmer reverb adds an etherial halo to the sound. Equipment used: Arturia BeatStep Pro, Roland JP-08, SMPro NanoPatch (passive attenuator), BOSS RV-3, TC Electronic Flourescence, Blackstar Fly 3.