I'm an amp distortion player but have nothing against good sounding pedals. I got introduced to the ML2 thru a trade (neck DiMarzio IBZ from my Prestige for the Boss ML2). Plugged it in and got hit hard by the sheer gain this thing has! It's pretty extreme across the board and does not clean up (not that it's meant to lol). It does exactly what it is designed to do - give you high gain metal saturation for a variety of heavy hitting sub genres. The rhythms are tight and defined. Maybe a little too edgy at times but that can be remedied by dialling back the treble. I thought the leads might suffer but they don't! It retains note definition well and sustains for days too. This is not my favourite distortion pedal but I am happy with what it offers thus far.

Anyone else think this is a pretty good pedal or does anyone hate it (and why)?

Rig: Orange Jim Root head or Marshall 6100LM into '93 Marshall 1936 JCM900 Lead 212 cab with V30/T75.