Hi people long time reader first post. Always vast information here I was hoping you could share some knowledge.

I know about pickups. A bit, just how they work and thatís all. I have two black winter humbuckers installed on my 2013 les Paul custom and kind of regret replacing they 490 series. Itís got a trembucker Black winter and a regular six string one.

The sound has always been a bit thin on bridge position and aside from insane output Iím not happy with the fullness or harmonics. Iíve been reading about achieving distortion thru amps and pedals and would rather try that than a full blown squelch machine. With gain stacking pedals itís tricjy not getting hiss and the like, I donít mind powerful pickups but Iím looking at thehitridded humbucjers because I do like the way the jb sounds and I figured I would try the combo with jb and jazz single coils to fit one himbucker(the hotrodded)

My questions are as follows -

I would like a fairly clear and less wooly and dull woody neck pickup I hardly use it because while itís ok for solos and some instances it tends to get dark and dull, muddy even when playing big chords (huge bucket head fan) so big ringing jazz chords or even palm muted sometimes sound less than stellar and for a lp custom it deserves the best. Iíve seen boutique pickups going for 500. To me that is just not a thought I can afford to entertain.

So what would you recommend to pair with the hotrodded and Iím not complete sold on it with the weaker jazz but Iím indecisive 🤷🏻*♂️, Iíve looked at the sh1-5 I do know Iíd like at least an alnico 4 these are my first ceramics and I donít know how to judge them. All the Duncan website clips for high output sound more finally there and present Iím mixing guitar and electronic stuff so the bass freqís Are more full than most compositions.

I do read about a lot of pickups flat out narrowing or cutting off big chunks of the aural spectrum as far as freqís Go. Iíd like to retain ad much of my guitars natural sound as possible yet get versatile sounds from jazz to metal.

Am I just expecting too much? Iíve looked at 59/custom hybrid, Pegasus, sentient, pearly gates and the clips of PG sounds good but Iím doubting if itís got the beef for modern metal(I donít downtune)

Does the 500t fit in neck position? I know most go with low output for neck but Iíd like at least a bit of 🥩 beef.

If anyone is curious as to what Iím going for look at youtube buckethead clips:
Pike 157 upside down skyway
Pike 90
Pike 274(hi gain,cleans)
Twisted branches(hi gain)

And last but not least, soothsayer cleans (distorted passages rock too)

Sorry for the novel. Thanks for taking the time to help!