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Thread: Introducing the new Red Devil for Strat Set!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
    how do you feel about them?
    it's difficult to say, I tried to wait a bit before issuing an opinion to avoid the bias of the first impression, at first I was glad Seymour made a mini humbucker with alnico 5 because I don't like ceramic pickups and I was wanting a midrange similar but not the same as a PAF pickup, I have a couple of Gibson Les Pauls to compare, but these pickups do not sound like any of them, these Red Devils seems to be very overwound, thus they are hot but lack definition and articulation, it's like having a humbucker and lowering the tone pot in half, I'm using 500k pots but I tried bypassing them and going directly to the Jack and it doesn't seem to improve much, I can't imagine if it is possible to find a useful sound with a 250k potentiometer, you should have a very bright guitar or an amplifier, very accentuated in the high frequencies, I get the impression that the new users of the Red Devils are very quiet, I wonder if it is because they have similar opinions to mine
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    No quiet user here!

    I have the red devil bridge pickup and itís wonderful...absolutely wonderful.

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    I do appreciate the reviews- the good and the bad. Being that they were made for Billy G, it is hard to believe they wouldn't have any articulation. His tone is essentially all articulation and high end. I wonder if there is an issue with DrJackson's install?
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