Hi guys, I've started a project where my trusty Fender Blues Jr simply isn't keeping up. The tone I'm getting through it is good for what we're doing (garage/rock/blues sorta thing - we even use some slide guitar!). So I think I just need a bigger Blues Jr... ?

My offsider plays a Sunn Model T 50w combo and a Rickenbacker 330, which he's getting some big fat juicy tones out of, so I want to hit those higher, raspy, dare I say 'ice pick' tones. Maybe be a tad cleaner than he is too as his tone gets quite woolly. I play a US Std strat.

My initial thoughts were to get a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - similar design to the Blues Jr, but 6L6 tubes @ 40w.

Then I saw there's also a Fender Blues Deluxe - also 6L6 @ 40w.

Then today I remembered the Peavey Delta Blues amps, which I've never tried.

Or should I go all out and get a Fender twin? We will be gigging soon so I'd prefer something portable though. The twins are HEAVY...

Anyway, over to you guys, what do yas reckon?