I've got a Squier Strat from squire's recent contemporary series which I'm quite fond of. My one complaint is the trem system. I hadn't been using the trem for much of my playing because it's not really part of my playing style so I had in fixed, flush with the body. When it was fixed, the hole for the trem arm on the bridge plate didn't align with the hole in the sustain block (which could be partially due to the fact that I put a different sustain block on a while back, but still, they align when the bridge is floating), which bugged me because even if I wanted to use the trem for one song, I'd have to float the bridge again. So I did.

My complaint is that the slightest movement of the arm will give a drastic change in pitch, so I can't even hold on to the arm when I'm playing because inevitably, my picking/strumming/moving my hand will move the bar and noticeably affect the pitch. For example, to drop a note's pitch a whole step, I've only got to move the arm about a centimeter.

What I want to know is why it's that touchy. I know Strats are notorious for having a pretty OK trem system, so I'd assume a Squier, made of cheaper parts would naturally be even OK-er.

Is fixing this problem as simple as putting on new springs? Or will it take as much as getting a whole new trem system (which I have no problem doing, it's a project guitar so I almost want to)? If the latter is the case, does anyone have any suggestions as to which system would work well with a Squire Strat (I don't do any crazy dive bombs, just using the trem to add texture to chords/bends)?