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Thread: Another critique my mix.

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    Default Another critique my mix.

    I think Iím liking where I have this one, but I donít mind some critiquing. Iím not looking for super polished songs, just good sounding demos. Thinking of putting together a 4-5 song EP of our stuff to hand out.

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    Default Re: Another critique my mix.

    For a ‘good sounding demo’ it ticks all the boxes: you can hear everything and the production style matches the song.

    Critique-wise, the vocal drifts out of center in the back half of the song so there is some phase wonkiness going on. Several ways to correct this, none of them easy. I also doubt a casual listener, or even a music fan, would notice or care. If you would like to hear how I would approach this mix, I could tell you, but it’s just, like, my opinion. There are no rules.
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