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Thread: Haven't been here in a while - here's original music from me

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    Default Haven't been here in a while - here's original music from me

    I hope all remaining old timers might remember me

    And I hope all my old forum bruthas are doing well

    At the ripe old age of 54, I am in my first original rock project

    We've recorded half of our first album - about 1/2 are my originals ... 2nd recording session will be in Jan '19 ...

    Here are rough 1st mixes of my 1st three tunes ... they sound best with headphones instead of laptop or smartphone speakers ... i dunno, maybe consider this one kinda pop punk ish? .... you tell me how we should label it ... i dunnno, maybe john mayer-esque ish, kinda sorta maybe? ... i'm thinkin' stones-y - maybe a bit too obviously

    Comments welcome
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