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Thread: Jensen p12n reissue

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    Default Jensen p12n reissue

    A funny thing happened today. I installed one of the reissue jensen p12n speakers into my 1x12 tweed bassman style amp. It sounds really great!
    Fat, warm, bell like and chimey. It really surprised me because last time I tried one I wasnt so keen. Perhaps it was because last time I tried one it was in a 5e3 and it was brand new and I didnt give it the chance to break in. This one i just picked up second hand so perhaps it has been broken in already and perhaps the extra grunt of the 5881/6L6 amp is what is needed to get the thing humming. I am doubly surprised because it replaced a Texas heat which is generally my favourite speaker.
    Anyways, just thought I would post because you read a lot of internet wisdom saying that the reissues are not good. I can say pretty categorically that this one is superb and now I'm thinking of putting a blackbird in my new amp (thread coming soon about that project).
    I have never owned and old jensen so I cant compare but i have owned c12n and c12k. Also plenty of emis and celestions. Perhaps it is the old rule of matching the right speaker and amp which creates something more than the sum of its parts.
    Cheers y'all
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    Default Re: Jensen p12n reissue

    I bought 2 'Jensen' P12Ns for a '56 tweed Twin I was gigging with (the original P12Qs will blow very easy). In the 5 years I used the amp, those things NEVER broke in. I tried the 12 volt transformer thing, playing Sunn O through them for a few days, the fabric softener deal, and the acetone on the surrounds trick. NOTHING worked. I retired them and settled on a pair of Wharfdales---5000% percent better. I spent like 500 bucks on those speakers from AES and they were awful ear-bleeding treble generators. NOTHING like a real P12N.

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    Default Re: Jensen p12n reissue

    I'm really curious about this newer Jensen company, I quit buying lots of cabs and speakers about the time (very late 90s?)the Italian company bought the old Jensen name and started reissuing or doing tribute speakers of the 50s and 60s Jensens.

    I have a fair amount of experience with some original Jensens -especially in the recording studio and I have played a few of the new ones in stores (which sounded great), but never heard an A/B comparison to see how this Jensen company's speakers sound in comparison -I guess it doesn't matter that much if they are making great new speakers now -but I'd like to know if they are nailing the lineage.

    Guess I'll do some googling for a Youtube video.

    Anybody heard an A/B? opinions?

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