Odd topic I know.

(And for the record: I started this thread yesterday, wasn't happy with the wording, deleted it, never got around to re-posting, and got caught out by a Forum Member who saw I'd deleted it and very kindly answered me anyway via PM!!! LOL!!!).

Lemme try again.

Conventional wisdom says to practice every day. And you'd be hard pressed to find a Pro. that doesn't advocate the same. But I'm starting to notice a certain pattern with me and I'm really curious about it:

Let's say I'm trying to master a phrase or solo or something. So I sit for hours on end on a particular day trying to get it right. But cannot. And eventually get frustrated. Try again the next day. Same thing. And so on and so forth. But let me just not try to play the same phrase or solo or something for a good few days (maybe not even play at all for a day or two) and when I then get down to trying it again: it just "happens" "as if by magic". It's almost as though my brain has to have time to soak up what it is that I was trying to do in the first place (but takes its sweet time about it). It may be true that when I'm battling with something: I'll end up obsessing over it while not playing and will have been actually picturing the notes and fingering during these breaks between attempts. Could this be a possible explanation??? Is this some type of actual "method" that I've not heard about??? Curious.