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    Default Beginner's Luck

    I found the below clip the other day while I was searching for something else for a friend of mine on the forums. And have spent much time contemplating whether or not to make it my "debut" on the forums.

    The thread is entitled "Beginner's Luck" because it was practically the very first recording I ever made (this time around that is) somewhere around April 2017. The gear I had at the time was minimal (compared to the hoard I have now). Could hardly play a note properly at the time. And it was done in one take, early hours of a Sunday morning, after I'd been on a bit of a drinking binge for two days solid (watching Dio OBVIOUSLY and Whitesnake). The song "Scarborough Fair" by Simon and Garfunkel just popped into my head at the time for some or the other really obscure reason (I ain't no Simon and Garfunkel fan I can tell you) and, well, this was the result!!! LOL!!! How I managed to actually do it I do not know (and I'm certainly not boasting about being a drunken bum at the time). All I remember clearly is that I felt like a GOD at the time i.e. everything was REAL loud, had the fog machine out, lights, what a blast!!! LOL!!!

    Anyways. Not up to scratch when compared to you dudes (which is the main reason why I've never uploaded it anywhere before). And basically was just having a blast i.e. nothing technical here. Was really just playing around with my beloved (new at the time) black Jackson and a cheap delay pedal (all I had by way of effects at the time). Certainly have come a long way since then myself. But for some or the other very strange reason: with all this damn gear I have now and with nearly two years of mucking about I've just never been able to recapture the ambiance or feel that I did that morning!!! LOL!!! Astounds me the tone I got at the time too i.e. just two CODE25's micd. up, through mixer, to DAW and PA. No processing or anything done i.e. just had my blast and saved (seem to remember I was too far gone at the time to even mix the thing down to a track until two days later!!! LOL!!!) (the original recording went on for hours!!! LOL!!!).

    Funniest thing is: my trademark "crowd", without any editing whatsoever, just seemed to come in and go out at the right times!!! Go figure. Since then I usually tame the crowd with sidechain compression but not on this first recording i.e. it "just happened".

    Hint: if you listen to it real loud with some good bass the low notes resonate REAL nice!!! LOL!!!

    Needless to say: it's inspired (as is everything else I do) by those never ending and long and drawn out guitar solos of the '80's!!! You know the ones I mean!!! LOL!!! Put another way: it's obvious from the outset where I eventually wanna end up anyway!!!

    Anyways. For some reason or the other it "does it for me" every time I listen to it (and gets better with every drink!!! LOL!!!).

    Oh well... Here goes nothing... Be kind... Taken a while to not be shy about it... And I like it... Now where's that Whisky...

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