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Thread: Aceman? No - It's Baceman!!!!!

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    Default Aceman? No - It's Baceman!!!!!

    So I finally got my Uber-zen bass rig all together. Here she is in all its glory! Let me know what you all think...


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    1. "Ms. Jackson" - my main all around 4 string. A Jackson JS Concert. Great action, super player.

    2. A Dean Sledgehammer 5 String - this is my 5 string go-to (Because it's my only 5 string!). got it from our bass player who replaced the Active pup with a passive.

    3. A Dean "Metalman" 4 string - Pink duct tape added by me. Bass players who play it really dig the sound.

    And my ultra low key rig:

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    Bass >

    Boss Limiter Enhancer - an on all-the-time pedal >

    Boss EQ - set for swapping between Jackson and Dean to keep it all level, lead boost, etc. >

    Amp SCR-DI - for my basic Pre-amping and I can add a little fur/grind with that also >

    Whatever board, powered amp, or whatever I want. I have a 12" Sampson powered monitor I use a lot
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