Actually this is about the Deep Blue Delay mainly, but your are welcome to comment on the Silver Spring as well. These will go into the effects loop of a high-gain amp. Some online comments point to a slight volume drop when the Deep Blue is engaged, and there is no output control on the pedal to compansate. In my experience, reduction of the signal from the preamp may result in an overall anemic sound. Can't speak for sure for all cases . On the other hand, there seems to be general consensus that with the DBD, the delays tend to distort in an unlikable way at high delay settings, so it is best for subtle ambient delay. I may be okay with that, but how about an already distorted signal going into it in the loop, I am afraid that things may get nasty pretty easy. I really like the sound character and simplicity of these pedals. So the basic question is how they will perform in effects loops. Cheers!