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Thread: Awhile back, I said I hated pedals...

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    Default Re: Awhile back, I said I hated pedals...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
    20 pedals on the ground
    Brute force method --I used to gig like this with color codes, label numbers, all sorts of insanity. crazy unnecessary prep time. -I was so against hauling a pedal board in my 20s

    -but I'm much less unrealistically idealistic now.

    anything to reduce weight, logistics, or effort -I'll consider to a point now.

    Not into the Multi FX proc units though -too tonally limiting to a specific MFG.

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    Cool Re: Awhile back, I said I hated pedals...

    I went MFX from the start - Digitech GNX4 8 track/looper MFX it was stolen - - -

    Now I have a T.C. Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme - like the GNX4 it's loaded with
    everything a person could possibly need in FX and a looper for vocal & guitar .

    EZ :

    It started for me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 54 on a Blues Harp and progressed , then life .....some death ....Evolving as I went like a small rock in a stream rounding out as I went with the flow as I go through the white waters and waterfalls of life . Life has always been interesting to me

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    Default Re: Awhile back, I said I hated pedals...

    I've gone back and forth many many times from having a large board to a small board to nothing at all. Today it's a Crybaby and I'm adding in a MojoMojo overdrive so I can dial the amp cleaner. If it works in the band setting I'll continue to use it, otherwise I'll try it out with my bass rig for a little grind. My amp has chorus, delay and reverb built in so there's no need for anything else. I've actually been running straight in at rehearsals lately.

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    Default Re: Awhile back, I said I hated pedals...

    Even when I used rack stuff I kept it stupid the end I used them as pedals, on and off....after had gone mad with programming and speculated in all the sonic variances I could get(lost in)....
    I used an insane amount of time to get it mixed balanced and all that idiocy.....only to have it dump out three times for me....from that point....only on and off or a simple link up with delay and verb....
    And in the end sold all of it!

    Returned to to pedals....and as few as possible....(am not into replicating anything, I just play like me...and covers could go and fckthmslvs)(meaning we just played some covers and sounded like ourselves and had a blast)
    Sometimes I just a compressor and a delay, the reverb and dirt was build into the amps I used, sometimes some modulation pedal was added...easy and simple...just play!

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