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Thread: New double tracker plugin just released by MeldaProduction

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    Default Re: New double tracker plugin just released by MeldaProduction

    Yip. My "pet hate" of all sounds. For some or the other obscure reason my brain or ears detect it the first time it rears its ugly head in a recording and from that point onward it's all I can hear (like I'm constantly looking for it from that point onward and I cannot help it).

    That video ain't that bad though I'll tell you i.e. I've heard worse (normally when I've tried recording with the darn thing so I've never bothered much). And the effect is usually worse when two amps. are close together or with studio monitors i.e. when you're sitting perfectly in the middle of the studio monitors it hits you like a freight train (well me anyway).

    But yeh: I agree there's no substitute for real double tracking. All of these things just widen the stereo field is all (our perception thereof).


    Just watched/listened again. The dude's sound was pretty darn good WITHOUT the MIMIQ to begin with!!! LOL!!! But the reason it's not SO bad (actually quite good with the MIMIQ actually in this video) is because he's got the "TIGHTNESS" control to minimum. Turn that thing anywhere else and you get "phased" big time.
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