Here (below) is the rendered audio file of the above MIDI file I'm using.

Please note that this is only for review purposes and could be used for practice etc. I've not changed anything (none of my drums or bass or anything like that) i.e. this is just stock standard General MIDI instruments (nothing more annoying or grating than GM instruments but anyway).

It's a 48kHz MP3 file (didn't see any reason to upload a HUGE WAV file just for this purpose).

Now let me know if there's anything you want me to do here that will help. I can make a "video" of the file so that there's a timecode for reference purposes. Can add a metronome to the entire file. Stuff like that.

Oh and let me know if you want it uploaded somewhere else for download (never know what everybody is doing when trying to download direct from SoundCloud).