This month I was hoping to get back to learning bass and putting a practice capable rig together. Sadly I lost three weeks of work to weather, a bad cold, and the boss being out of town on business. Kinda bummed.
I had a Squier jazz bass and rumble 40 but I sold it back when I was pretty into a certain plant that turned out to be a real drain on my money, time, and motivation. Now that I don't have that problem I need stuff to do that is fun and constructive.
The jazz bass was cool but I think I would like a wider nut. The jazz bass was workable but just feels so different, and I don't even have big hands/fingers.
Also a split coil p pickup sounds nice. I felt like the jazz bass was a little mellow sounding for a lot of stuff?

How is the nut width on those lower end Ibanez gsr200, they are affordable and look really nice to me. The squier affinity and vintage modified PJ look good to me as well. A lot of people seem to say the affinity is fine for a beginner. I don't think I was close to outgrowing my squier when I had it...
Is it worth holding out for a better bass, I mean part of me is pretty anxious to get back into it, and funds are tight. Should I wait and get something better?
For the amp I was considering another lower wattage rumble or perhaps a used Peavey tko or Max sort of bass amp. Loud enough to feel like a real amp is good but it's just learning the basics still for me, so I don't need to be good capable. That's my thinking.

But yeah... Is it worth waiting to get some higher end stuff? I'm really just getting started in the world of bass and tone is not my priority but just something that I won't have to fight with to learn on. Right now I just wanna be able to hear myself. But is this smart? Will I outgrow such a budget rig within say a year or two? Should I put this off several months and have maybe a few hundred more dollars for slightly better stuff or what?

What out there is cheap, full bass scale length, and has a little more versatility than a stock j bass, while being comfortable, possibly wider nut width than what I had?

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