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When you say noise, what kind of noise are we talking about? Can you describe it?

I'm asking because I went with the Mooer S12 and just today I noticed there's a clearly discernible hum coming from it. Tried disconnecting all my pedals, and it persist. Tried hooking up my old PSU to the same outlet and it's almost dead quiet.

Needless to say, I'll be returning the Mooer. I'm just trying to decide if I should ask for a replacement or just try another one.
With the DC Brick (which is not isolated) I was getting digital whine and white noise type noise. I assume that because the Brick wasnít isolated, any noise coming from one source was/may be able to be picked up through other the power outputs thus adding to the noise floor. My noise gate was able to filter the noise but I had to set it higher than I wanted. And when I rolled the volume knob back the gate liked to chop off the sustained notes.
With the new setup, I can set the gate low or off and avoid having the notes chopped off.

All I know is that my rig was very noisy with the brick. And now it is the same or nearly the same as if I were to plug directly into the amp.