Hello all,
picked both of these up to replace my Waza Analog Delay, DD-7 and RV-6 Reverb pedals. I gotta say I'm extremely happy with both of them and now the final chapter IF I should replace my Waza analog Chorus that is so damn good BUT the MD-500 is calling to me. I'm wondering if I should give in or leave well enough alone.
I was very happy with the DD-7, killer digital delay but the Waza analog was better. Then when I got the DD-500 is was a complete game changer. Just having Midi control with my ES-8 and able to build all kinds of patches and then recall them in my ES-8's patches VIA midi is so damn good.
Would you replace the Waza analog Chorus with the MD-500? Name:  fullsizeoutput_111c.jpg
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