Hello everyone,
i'm new here, so nice too meet you.

I have orange ppc212 and using it with the engl ironball. I tried to like orange for quite a while, but i'm never satisfied with the sound. I don't know, seems like orange has too much bass or mids or simply doesn't fit with ironball. So i'm thinking about selling it and getting another 2x12. I actually wanted 4x12 Marshall, because engl sounded godlike through it, but when i think now, i'll never need that much power that 4x12 provides. I heard that Zilla fatboy has very good low end response and it is really close soundwise to what you can get through 4x12 cabinet. Another one is Engl pro 2x12, because it's engl it should sound great paired with ironball, but i can't try it anywhere in my country. Orange sounds really dark, i think i want a little brighter sound from the cab, but to have good low end and clear sound, similar to Marshall. Which one is the darkest of the three?

Thanks a lot.