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Thread: What do you think of this maple top ?

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    Default Re: What do you think of this maple top ?

    Dyes and stains are synonyms here. Stains are simply a dye in a water or alcohol. For furniture, stains have a finishing oil added usually so there is protection as well as the colour tint.

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    Default Re: What do you think of this maple top ?

    Dyes are solvent + color. All they do in the end is to deposit color, and nothing else, on/in something.

    Stains are solvent + color + binder. They are technically hard finishes.

    Many people call things stains, when they are actually dyes.
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    Default Re: What do you think of this maple top ?

    On guitars stains and dyes are not synonymous.

    Dyes give a different look than stains because they get into the grain, that's why they have more of a 3D look. You can't buy dyes at your local Home Depot or Lowe's and you have to mix them yourself. The results are worth it though.

    I posted a link about the differences a few posts back.

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