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Thread: Gary Moore Foxy Lady Strat tone

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    Cool Gary Moore Foxy Lady Strat tone

    Any ideas how Gary gets that stunning tone in Foxey Lady from his Blues for Jimi performance. It's probably the best live strat tone I've ever heard. Any ideas on the amp, amp settings, pedals, pick ups?


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    Default Re: Gary Moore Foxy Lady Strat tone

    its a '61 strat, you can see he is using the middle pup right up till about 4:10 when he flips to the bridge pup, probably accidentally, then flips back to the middle around 4:20. i believe the middle pup is actually a duncan antiquity while neck and bridge are stock. two 4 hole marshalls on 4x12's probably turned up really loud, plugged into bright 1 input on both as far as i can tell. sounds like he has a fuzz on as well but it could be his old boss ds1. his typical settings on the ds1 were tone 9 o'clock, level 2 o'clock, gain 3 o'clock.

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    Default Re: Gary Moore Foxy Lady Strat tone

    I've watched that whole concert a few times, love Gary's tone and playing on the whole thing. Sorry, can't help more than that, I think Jeremy nailed it on gear, sounds more fuzz-ish than DS-1 to me, maybe a Rat? The other part of the equation is Gary's ferocity, he attacks the guitar.

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    Default Re: Gary Moore Foxy Lady Strat tone

    EHX Graphic Fuzz maybe. Almost positive he had one on his board anyway.

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