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Thread: Waiting on delivery of Wilson Colorful Clone Wah

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    Default Waiting on delivery of Wilson Colorful Clone Wah

    I just ordered one the other day and It will be shipping by the end of the week. I am very excited!! Anyone own one? Likes-Dislikes?

    Just to clear up, for those who are unfamiliar: It's a clone of a Colorsound Wah + customizability.

    Wahs are the only pedals I use. I currently have a 535Q and a Morley Dragon2. Also waiting to get my "Stack of Dimes" Mid 80's Crybaby repaired (had it since new). My wah Idol has always been Brian Robertson, so you can see my interest in the Colorsound Wah.

    Les Paul- Cable- Wah- Cable- Carvin X100b or V3m: That's my setup.

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    Default Re: Waiting on delivery of Wilson Colorful Clone Wah

    That's a serious wah pedal; enjoy!
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