So I bought this guitar and I quite like the way it looks and feels but I didnt like the PRS 8515 pickups that came in it. PRS is proud of these pups and brag on them heavily but to me the humbuckers sound harsh. The split sounded good but the volume difference between HB and split was huge. When strumming unplugged I can hear the the tone is there, but wasn't being adequately translated to my amp. I used the pickup finder on the Duncan site and it recommended the Jazz/JB combo. The price was right and I got them without consulting with the experts. Lol.
Since then I've had several folks suggest that I may have not made the best choice, but I have them and I'll be installing them. I'll let you all know my thoughts once I get to playing them. I'd like to hear what you fine folks think of my choice and what would have been a better choice. I like to play heavy blues based rock with a slightly crunchy amp setting.