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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroPolo View Post
    The thing that Rick is speaking about requires such good natural groove / voice talent and a dead tight band that is pretty rare in the reality. Without that, the reality can be really ugly even if the actual band is pushed really hard. Even awesome performers can have issues as they are are scheduled to record at a certain time and if they have disturbing health issues or after a heartbreak they will be unable to run 100%. So what's the solution, then? Tell all people with good (great) music ideas with not so much time, talent or just not be in the form to **** off and sell vegetables instead of chasing their dreams? Or try to help them any way you can? C'mon. There is a balance of course, it is not necessary to turn a singer into a robot but these tools are necessary in a contemporary recording workflow.

    Rock music killed itself by copying banal ideas too much / playing safe to please softtail people / pvssies with money and not to put more energy on creating true original content. It lost its point as soon as it stopped to think as a rebel.

    The reasons why you don't feel rock as appealing as before... Well, around the age, do you really have the same desire for girs, fast cars, chasing your real dreams, just to name a few? The truth is, you and your passion erodes a lot. Believe me, you changed more than rock music did.

    On the lifeless production, blame it on lazy musicians. Uh-oh, aren't you a normal guy, working like a dog, rasing kids, putting the energy of the Sun into sustaining your everyday life? Well, the majority of bands are normal guys too. Are they lazy? Not at all. Chasing their dreams for years as a background app, by the time they get their life together, they just have very limited spare time left to rehearse their music to play tight as death. And everyone wants a record finished as perfect as they imagine and not as they really are.

    Before the age of editing there was someting like "spending 4 months in the studio" and "waiting for the perfect take". Now it is gone. Neither labels nor self-sustaining bands are willing to pay for the hard way and shooting 1 or 2 semi-acceptable takes then pump it up with sugar means 100x less time and money.

    As a producer you balance between the side that wants the actual recording to be as perfect as the new Periphery and the side that says it has 60 hours of time (and money) cap. You can say 'no' of course, you don't need to make a living, never cared about money, it is all for honour. Only accept big scale art classy assignments by musicians who have so tight natural groove that they don't need editing (like Matt Cameron, just in case). You are straight to keep mastering levels low to preserve and disregard furiously complaining labels who give the money anway saying why this record risking just -14dBFS RMS while the new Nile sells well and it is -7dBFS RMS. You tell musicians that you don't use autotune and their meowing below the line one semitone is a beauty of human flaw.

    So, yes computers kill humanity in music. Producers are evil. Bands are lazy. You are the very same rebel as you were 30 years ago.

    And I am a princess.

    Producers view?

    Thing is, perfect music sounds boring. 90 % of regularly practicing bar bands sound better than professional musicians work edited perfectly in time and produced to boot.

    Music is not math. It's artistic vision drawn from mathematical concepts.
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