This is my first post on this forum. I've had a set of Basslines Passive Soapbars and an STC-3p preamp for several years (in the bass of my avatar) and really like both. However, there is something about a passive tone control that is easier/faster to dial in certain tones than adjusting a 3 band eq.

I would like to try placing a 250K passive tone pot & Orange Drop .047uF before the STC-3p preamp. If I have the preamp set flat, using the tone will hopefully be similar to that on a passive bass and setting the tone control at 10 then the 3 band would function as before. I currently have it wired with passive Vol-Vol per one of the alternative wiring diagrams I've found on the main site as well as added an active/passive switch. I usually play just the neck pup, but certain songs do call for the bite of the bridge - I would change out the active/pass switch for an On-On-On dpdt pickup selector switch. This way I would not have to add a hole to the bass.

I was wondering if there would be any potential problems with this setup (ex. problems with rolling the highs off to ground with a pre in the circuit, etc.). I know there are some high-end/boutique basses that have both a passive tone as well as on-board preamps and thought this may be possible with the STC-3p.

If anyone has done this with their basses I would appreciate your experience/input or if this would be a bad idea I would also like to know why just for my own improved understanding.