Dang it couldn't stand it
I wanted a Gibson Modern Double cut soooooo bad

I contacted my Asian friend
And they will build me one
With some modifications

Here's a link to the build

US $410 | Customized body and headstock shape 6 string electric guitar solid body,red back,korea locking tuners,ebony fingerboard,own logo

So I get the body shape
With the Sterling color that's not available anywhere here in the US

Also get black binding and stainless steel frets

I get my custom headstock shape with my Ehdwuld logo

Ebony fretboard
Tummy cut

Small hole under the bridge to route the piezo bridge back to the control cavity

Slim taper neck shape

I don't need another guitar
I dont have room for another

I will feel ashamed for about a month or two till it shows up