Hi everyone,
Iím looking forward to upgrade my ultraswede (currently Hagstrom Custom 62 Humbuckers) to get more aggressive tones. I love to record some kind of experimental rock stuff: not properly fusion or industrial, but strange. Iíve got another guitar for good chimey tones, and Iíd like to upgrade this one to get more metal kind of tones for aggressive sections.
Iíve been looking up for DiMarzios but theyíre definitely too expensive, it doesnít make much sense on this guitar. Seymour Duncanís offer is the hell wide, Iím confused. I like good cleans and clear distortions for chords or solos and for this reason I liked particularly the Mayhem set (from the sample) from the ceramics selections, even if there arenít splitted coils samples.
Can anyone give me any advice? Iím getting mad to figure out a good choice in this ocean!
Thank you really much in advance!!