I've got an old Screamin' Demon collecting dust in my parts bin and was thinking of using it in a new project. I'd be modding this- https://shop.fender.com/en-US/squier...320327510.html

I had the Demon in an old Charvel and liked the feel and harmonics of the pickup, but always felt that it lacked balls. I feel like it could totally benefit from something like the 20db preamp booster that EBMM has been putting in their guitars as of late. So, a few questions-

1) Are there any onboard active electronics like the preamp in EBMM guitars that I could hook up to the demon?
2) What about the Blackout preamp? Would it retain the tone/ harmonics/ clarity of the demon, or just sound like any old active blackout pickup?
3) I've also heard that there is a custom shop version of the demon which is wound hotter. Does anyone here have experience with the CS version of the demon? Does it have more balls?