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Thread: ObsidianWire for Strat Short Review, Blender

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    Default ObsidianWire for Strat Short Review, Blender

    So, over the weekend I installed the ObsidianWire Blender circuit into my Strat. I realize I should have taken pictures while the guitar was still taken apart.

    The good:

    Super easy to install, and no soldering. The circuit sounds and functions great, and the blender is super cool, and useful. I'm using it with 3 true singles.

    The bad:

    It was hard to push in the wires for my fender single coils, but the SD wires went in just fine. The opening isn't very large for the wires, even with them twisted tight, it took me a while to get them in. The neck + middle position volume is lower than all of the others. I think it may come down to the fact that I have 3 pickups from 3 different guitars in there. They are wired up correctly.

    Overall, I think it's great, and makes pickup changes super fast and easy. I was going to overhaul the circuit in this guitar anyway, and this made it easier. I will definitely be buying the HSS circuit model for my other Strat build.

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    Default Re: ObsidianWire for Strat Short Review, Blender

    I have the Traditional Vintage Plus for Strat and agree it is a great product. It makes pickup swaps super easy. I haven't had any volume issues as the OP has experienced.

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