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Thread: Gibson Humbuckers humming

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    Default Re: Gibson Humbuckers humming

    I'd love to know what was defective on the original circuit board. I am surprised if it was defective that they didn't cover it under warranty.
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    Default Gibson Humbuckers humming

    Quote Originally Posted by ryan00010 View Post
    Watch the videos, you tell me?
    Even without watching videos I can confidently say wax potting doesnít impact 60 cycle hum.

    For a start, the railhammers are covered while the Duncanís are not. That cover is soldered to the baseplate and grounded as a shield.

    After that itís difficult to say what else could be contributing to the noise because there are too many unknowns- what wiring is in there, what signal path you have, and if proximity to any computers or dimmers on the same circuit are having an impact.
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    Default Re: Gibson Humbuckers humming

    Even a Humbucker isnít 100% silent. The Railhammers in the videos are definitely quieter than the Duncans, but the Duncanís arenít unusable by any means.

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