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For FRFR with a modeler they are better options than QSC (and other PA speakers). PA powered speakers are designed to project sound over the head of the crowd at maybe up to 40', not what you are used with a guitar cab.
Speakers are basically membranes that move air. The projection is up to placement, direction, room acoustics and the like.

I run the full band mix with a little eq / volume empashize on my guitar signal through my wedge. I play in a band. I want to hear them, too. So, for onstage use, what would be more efficient than a ridiculously powerful unit that was designed tilt, aiming my ears?

On a practical side note, if you strip the hype and "for modellers" labels down the guitar FRFRs, you get a PA / wedge speaker with a tiny little more emphasis on mids and upper lows and cut on highs and subs, maybe a little compression. Why is it practical to spend twice as much money on something like that with around 200W power if there is a cheaper, smaller option with 2000W power that does almost the same thing and comes with flexible tuning, designed to cut through?