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Thread: Amplifier shock absorbers

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    Default Re: Amplifier shock absorbers

    Quote Originally Posted by 80's_Metal View Post
    Has anyone suggested a road case yet?

    I second the whole "check your bias" thing.
    I always use a road case for transport to gigs.
    Yes, they are heavy and bulky but it beats the alternative(s).

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    Default Re: Amplifier shock absorbers

    Ace hardware has these rubber bumpers, pretty cool.

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    Default Re: Amplifier shock absorbers

    Not much, at this point although that is likely to change.

    I think what we have been experiencing is a combination of issues. Older amps with problems in some cases, sketchy cabs in others, bad tubes. Maybe made worse by playing too loud at low frequency.

    Quote Originally Posted by NegativeEase View Post
    i have lots of experience with these issues.

    First I would suggest that the more likely culprit is amplifier transport -because bumps in the road that jolt the element in a tube is 1000x worse than your amp being on the head.

    How often and how do your transport you amps?

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