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Thread: What's the tonal impact of smaller gauge strings?

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    Default Re: What's the tonal impact of smaller gauge strings?

    My dad is a retired master chéf and he can make some incredible dishes of catfish. My only problem is that I had a big fishbone stuck in my throat when I was a little kid (needed a doc to remove it) and whenever I feel a pointy fishbone durin eating I have a panick attack. It is very stupid as those dishes are good and they have a good effect. I must eat it very slowly.

    On the thread: light bass strings make you eat more good fish-dish.
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    Default Re: What's the tonal impact of smaller gauge strings?

    That would scare me too. For that reason, I always eat fish slowly and carefully. Btw, I like fresh caught bass too. Preferably, not stringy.

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    Default Re: What's the tonal impact of smaller gauge strings?

    Not sure if ya'll are baiting me into posting graphs from my spectral analyser.

    Short answer is YES there is a difference in amplitude, tone, and tactile response (bounce back) while playing -especially if you play a very hammer on/off rhythmic style.

    BUT -no one except in a studio environment will notice the tone differences (if they notice it there at all and notice that I didn't say the larger string tone was objectively better either), and the slight amplitude difference can big mitigated by gain structure and pickup style.

    SO in my very experienced opinion -select bass string gauge only on
    1) bass playing style,
    2) bass type and scale,
    3) and most important how it feels to your playing including your hand and finger size and strength..

    and don't worry about anything else....
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