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Thread: Tremolo Shims?

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    Default Tremolo Shims?

    I have a cheap foreign ST body that is about 1 5/8". The Tremolo I purchased from Fender is about 1 3/4" tall below the top plate. The end result is that the tremolo block is proud by 1/16" or more below the bottom cavity. So now what should I do from here? Would it be ok to shim the tremolo block just enough that it will clear any contact with the cover plate? I am sure I could make a shim from a piece of pickguard material or some hardwood. Or would it be better to shave off the bottom of the block? Neck tilt?.. I have it installed and ready.

    Thanks for suggestions....

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    Default Re: Tremolo Shims?

    Easy fix is grind off the bottom of the block.... BUT, then if the spring holes aren't deep enough.... You get the idea. Is the black cast integrally with the plate, or is it bolted or screwed on? If yes - it can possibly be changed. Or just get the right sized trem….

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