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Thread: Learning music theory/composition/orchestration online (semi-review of UDEMY.COM)

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    Default Learning music theory/composition/orchestration online (semi-review of UDEMY.COM)

    With online courses being a totally valid option for learning things these days, I decided to sign up for a music theory refresher course through My personal experience with udemy vs skillshare is that udemy is better organized and seems to have more options.

    Anyway, I signed up for Music Theory Comprehensive, which covers Music Theory I - VI. Already knowing a fair amount of music theory and being able to read music, I figured it couldn't hurt to go back to Square One since some things have changed in terms of harmonization since I studied music in the mid/late 80s. The course really does start with Square One and the instructor, Dr Jason Allen, progresses quite nicely through to very complex music theory. He's clearly an experienced music theory instructor and distilled his college-level music theory comprehensive into a massive video series.

    If anyone is thinking about going this route for music theory education, and you don't have any background in it, it will probably require a bit more discipline and practice. Dr Allen does read every question posted every day and there is a knowledge base of answered questions in the thousands so it's pretty much guaranteed that you will eventually progress out of the very basic stuff, even though I think it may be a little bit harder than if you were face to face with someone. With that being said, the quality of the instruction itself is top notch and even at the very basic level I find myself re-remembering little things that I had forgotten due to not being used in decades (like the parts of a musical note [in notation], pitch classes, etc).

    Definitely recommended if you are looking to either learn music theory or brush up on what you already know and be challenged by some quizzes.

    I also signed up for Composition I & II and Orchestration, which I will do after I complete the Music Theory Comprehensive.
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