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Thread: Hard/Soft Clipping Fade Knob?

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    Default Hard/Soft Clipping Fade Knob?

    I have a Boss BD-2 that I have modified extensively to similar specs as the Galaxie Mod and was wondering if it would be worth it to install a pot that fades between soft and hard clipping schemes? Are there and pedals on the market that have this feature so I can give them a listen?

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    Default Re: Hard/Soft Clipping Fade Knob?

    The Fulltone Plimsoul has hard and soft clipping -

    I'm sure there are more out there, that's just the first one that came to mind.

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    Default Re: Hard/Soft Clipping Fade Knob?

    Doesn't the Boss OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion do this?

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    Default Hard/Soft Clipping Fade Knob?

    If you want to fade between them, without lessening the amount of clipping as you fade, you probably need to make two separate circuits in parallel, one with the soft clipping in the op amp feedback loop, and the other with hard clipping to ground. Then fade the outputs.

    Kind of the way the Klon fades between the clean boost and overdrive stages.

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