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Thread: Daughter wants a bass.

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    Default Re: Daughter wants a bass.

    A few of the women I know that play bass use short scale basses, like Fender Mustangs. Fits their hands better.

    But a woman Im dating plays a Tobias 5 string. But shes also very tall. Lol

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    Default Re: Daughter wants a bass.

    Look for an old Guild Pilot, DeArmond made a knock off

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    Default Re: Daughter wants a bass.

    Does she want it to play live or just for recording at home? Live without a PA I would put enough money on the amp so she can be heard in the band, other wise if she is focused on playing bass for home recording I would put most of the money on a nice sounding bass.
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    Default Re: Daughter wants a bass.

    Jackson Series Spectra JS2 and Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS. I bought them to my sons and they are pleased with them.

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