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Thread: Where to take some online courses?

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    Default Where to take some online courses?

    Hello all,
    I've been playing guitar on and off for 39 years. I only had about 1.5 years of lessons total and have played by ear and self taught since. I did however put the guitar down for over 13 years and then picked it up back in 2006.
    I have always had many holes in my playing and want to really improve on my overall playing. Going to lessons didn't work out for me locally as I tried twice and didn't get very far. One teacher kept double booking during my lessons which sucked as I would drive over there and someone else had my spot. This happened a few times and I quit going there. The other was at a local Music shop where the teacher was really cool but I could out play him on many different things. Shame to as I really liked him.
    So now I'm looking to try something online. I noticed Musicisum which seems to be a good fit but looking for opinions on that course vs others.

    Thanks guys,


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    Default Where to take some online courses?

    I took myself back to school a couple of years back - Paul Gilbertís online lessons at Artistworks. Itís a FANTASTIC course, and changed my playing for the better straight away. I started at the intermediate level. More importantly, by working through it, I learned how to learn and practice better - habits that have helped me grow ever since.

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    Default Re: Where to take some online courses?

    Beginner Blues-Rock Soloing
    Jeff McErlain
    Yea, I doubt if you are a beginner, but it goes back to some simple drills that are played to a clock. Patterns, bends, vibrato are all there at slower tempos but I bet a week or so you would be right back to where you were, plus its on sale.

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    Default Re: Where to take some online courses?

    True-life... tons to choose from - xial in to the stuff at your level

    Rick Beato on YouTube covers a bunch

    Berklee has an online presence, I'm pretty sure
    gear list in profile

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    Default Re: Where to take some online courses?

    I think you just havenít found the right teacher.
    I could you refer you to someone you could do Skype lessons with.
    Heís really good and knowledgeable. Iíve learned a ton from him.
    Let me know and I can PM his info to you.

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