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Thread: A quick test - mono source into stereo (TC Mimiq, Lexicon, WORNG)

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    Default A quick test - mono source into stereo (TC Mimiq, Lexicon, WORNG)

    I made this test clip for a friend of mine who owns a Yamaha DX7 and wants to turn it into stereo. (The DX7 only has a mono output) I made a quick sequence with my TX7 (this is a DX7 without the keyboard) and ran it through various methods of getting it into stereo.

    The first loop is the mono output of the TX7. The test was done using two Lexicon Alex effects processors, each one running in mono but set to slightly different chorus algorithms. I then added a TC Electronic Mimiq and did a pass with 1, 2, and 3 overdubs. I then ran the TX7 in mono into the WORNG LRMSMSLR mid-side processor and ran a single mono chorus through the mid-side processing. Finally, I ran the mono output into the WORNG and ran the mid-side through a single chorus and a single hall reverb.

    I think it's really interesting to hear how the different stereo schemes affect the timbre of the synth and how it's spread across the soundstage.
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    Default Re: A quick test - mono source into stereo (TC Mimiq, Lexicon, WORNG)

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